On Track Congratulates Ryan Smith Student Of The Week - Dirt Rider Magazine

Name: Ryan Smith
Home: Danville, VA
Age: 17
Riding #: 831
Class: Supercross Lites
Sponsors: Arai Helmets, Gary Bailey Motocross School, Liquid Performance, Full Travel Innovation, Leech & Hicks Insurance
On Track is proud to feature one of our many outstanding students, Ryan Smith. With over 120 students nationally in grades K-12, On Track welcomes the opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication that our students demonstrate in order to achieve their goals.Among the menu of curriculum options available, On Track offers a High School Equivalency Program that is perfect for students such as Ryan that have moved into the Pro ranks of Supercross. It is at this point that finishing school becomes quite the challenge. When traditional school is no longer an option for serious racers, On Track is there to help students achieve their goal of receiving a cutting edge education.Ryan: "On Track is an all around good program that can help you take care of your schooling with the appropriate training that will also help you to be able to ride and train on your motocross career."Andrea: "Thanks to Debbie Schultz, our On Track Learning Coach leading the High School Equivalency Program, Ryan was able to get through the program at record speed. Ryan passed all of his exams within less than two weeks. The fact that Ryan was motivated and had the direction he needed to get the job done was key to his success."

Congratulations Ryan!For more information on customized learning solutions visit www.stayontrack.net or contact Andrea Leib at 909-374-8851 for an On Track brochure and list of current learning coaches.