Risk Racing Holeshot Practice Starting Gate - Dirt Rider Magazine

Risk Racing is proud to announce the latest feature upgrade to the Holeshot motocross practice starting gate.The Holeshot Starting Gate has all the same great features as it always did. Simply strap the wireless remote to the riders crossbar pad. When the button is pressed, a timing sequence begins and the gate will drop randomly between 1-5 seconds. The rider never knows when the gate will drop so he or she gets a realistic training tool that has proven to help with starting technique and produce holeshots when it counts.The new feature is for trainers working with riders. It is called the "Instant-Drop" feature and it allows a trainer to plug the wireless remote directly into the gate using the supplied 6 foot cable. When the remote is plugged into the gate it will drop instantly as soon as the trainer presses the button.The gates can all be linked as shown in the picture above. This allows multi-rider practice which produces the same nerves and stomach butterflies as lining up at an amateur national. It is great practice and more fun that you might think.For more pictures and information on the new Holeshot Race Gate please visit the Risk Racing site, www.riskracing.com, or call the Risk Racing offices at 704-658-9332.Retail: $279.00 - Distributed by Risk Racing and Tucker Rocky. Dealer inquiries welcomed.Distributed by Tucker Rocky and Risk Racing
MSRP: $279.00 each