On Track Congratulates Justin Lee Student Of The Week! - Dirt Rider Magazine

Age: 12
Sponsors: Amzoil, Platinum Equipment, Fire Police MX
Classes: 85cc open, stock & mod 12-13 85cc, Super Mini
On Track is proud to be a part of the motocross community where featuring one of our many successful students is well recognized. With over 100 students nationally in grades K-12, On Track welcomes the opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication that our students demonstrate in order to achieve their goals.Among the menu of programs available, On Track now offers a Virtual Academy offering the cutting edge K12 curriculum. Currently, Justin is enrolled in the 6th grade and this is his first experience with distance learning. During the first week of school, Justin has already demonstrated great success along with an enthusiastic approach to his new school, The On Track Virtual Academy.Justin: "I already like my new school so much better than the last year. When you are in public school you go in and sit down and just listen to the teacher. The On Track Virtual Academy lets me follow a daily and weekly plan that I can figure out on my own schedule. It is great!Beth Ann: (Justin's Mom) "Justin thanked me for allowing him to enroll and start school!"Andrea: "Justin came in to the On Track office in California this morning with a big smile on his face and I immediately knew that this program was doing its job, sadly a rare experience today. Justin was feeling good about learning and good about himself! That is the part of my profession that I just love!"Congratulations Justin and thank you to the Lee family for this opportunity, it will be a great yearfor all of us!For more information on customized learning solutions visit www.stayontrack.netor contact Andrea Leib at 909-374-8851 for an On Track brochure and list of current learning coaches.