MotoVentures Rider Training Center Opens At Barona Oaks Raceway Near San Diego - Dirt Rider Magazine

MotoVentures proudly announces it has reached an agreement with Barona Oaks Raceway near San Diego, Ca to operate a full-time dedicated motorcycle Rider Training Center on their land offering MotoVentures unique brand of motorcycle training, tours, & trials services almost every week.Barona Oaks Raceway is conveniently located on the Barona Indian Reservation, only 30-minutes from the beautiful beach city of San Diego, it's International Airport and great hotels, restaurants, and shopping, and if that's too far, the Barona Valley Ranch and Casino is only 5-minutes away! With great weather all year... averaging in the mid 60's with seven out of ten days sunny, Barona Oaks Raceway is ideal for MotoVentures Rider Training Center.MotoVentures Barona Oaks Rider Training Center features large and dedicated training areas complete with giant old California Oak trees providing shade and plenty of appropriate challenges for beginners through intermediates. Barona also features two motocross tracks, riding areas with rocks, logs and other challenging obstacles for trials riders, and it also features plenty of fun dirt roads and trails too!"We appreciate MotoVentures completely professional approach to motorcycle adventures. They provide everything; bikes, gear, meals, instructors, etc., and we're happy to provide the site. I'm looking forward to their positive impact on the local community of kids who need a good physical activity like dirt bike riding that's also great for the whole family."
Dayton Banegas, Barona Oaks Raceway"The owners of Barona Oaks Raceway recognize how unique and valuable our services are to a wide range of people, from beginners to experts. Of course we always teach safe and responsible motorcycling along with skill building and we bring an entirely new group of riders to Barona who may also race there someday... and will be well prepared if they do.Barona is the perfect place for MotoVentures. It's a real win-win situation for everyone."
Gary LaPlante, MotoVenturesMotoVentures offers dirt bike rider training, dual sport tours in the American Southwest, specialized trials riding, and related product sales. MotoVentures can provide all the bikes and riding gear for individuals or groups of up to 25 or you can bring your own bike and gear. MotoVentures is sponsored by Yamaha, Dunlop, Thor, HJC, TCX, Torco, Smith, and Race Tech.For more information go to or call (877) 260-MOTO