MDK/KTM Race Report - Dirt Rider Magazine

Delmont, PA - The final round of the AMA Motocross Series was filled with up and down moments for the riders of the MDK/KTM Factory Teams.The weather was warm and the track was smooth and fast at Steel City Raceway. MDK/KTM Motocross Lites rider Ryan Sipes was ready to take advantage of the fast-paced course as he lined the gate for moto one. Sipes got a decent start, finishing the first lap in 10th position. His MDK/KTM teammate, Justin Brayton, was not as fortunate - appearing 22nd after lap one. The third rider of the MDK/KTM Team, Martin Davalos, did not race at Steel City as he is still out with a shoulder injury sustained at Millville.Sipes capitalized on his good start by passing four riders on the second lap in order to move his KTM 250 SX-F into 6th place. Meanwhile, Brayton struggled to find his pace in the first half of the moto, but eventually worked into 16th by the halfway point. On the third to last lap, Sipes was bumped up to 5th after Josh Grant DNF'd. At that point, Sipes was only one second off of Nico Izzi who currently sat in 4th. On the final lap, Sipes passed Izzi and took home 4th overall for the first moto. Brayton worked his way up from 22nd to 15th by the moto end.In the second moto of the Motocross Lites class, Sipes and Brayton both got a great jump and came around the first corner 6th and 10th respectively. A few corners into the race, Sipes came together with a fallen rider and crashed on a switchback. He remounted and tried to continue the race but had pulled his groin and eventually would pull off from the pain. His 4-37 scores would earn him 14th overall. However, not all hope was lost, as Brayton continued to ride a smooth and strong race moving as high up as 9th but ultimately settling into 10th position for the moto. His 15-10 results earned him 15th overall for the day.Both MDK/KTM riders, Nick Wey and Matt Goerke, had decent starts in moto one of the Motocross class. Wey started 7th while Goerke was a bit farther back in 15th. Wey made a couple of mistakes early on in the moto which dropped him back to 9th but from then on he rode a consistent pace maintaining his position. Goerke fought from his 15th place start into the top ten by the 7th lap, at which point he caught sight of his teammate. The two battled for a bit before Goerke eventually moved around Wey to take over 9th position. Goerke continued to pull ahead eventually catching and passing Ivan Tedesco on the second to last lap for the 8th place spot. Wey finished 10th.Goerke's good finish in moto one stayed with him through the first half of moto two where he nailed a 5th place start and remained in 5th position for the first two laps. Meanwhile, Wey was busy picking through the pack after getting pushed out on the start and completing the first lap in 18th. Goerke dropped to 6th place on lap three when Tim Ferry managed to get around him. He stayed close and learned some lines from Ferry which helped him gain time on Jimmy Albertson and finally pass him on the seventh lap to regain 5th place. Unfortunately, Goerke's holeshot device somehow managed to get stuck in the locked position on lap ten which caused him to lose valuable positions. He eventually pulled off and had his mechanic rip it away from his bike but he had lost too much time and was not able to climb back up to the front of the pack. He was credited with 30th place. Meanwhile, Wey, continued to push from the middle of the pack and managed to finish 14th by the end of the moto. His 10-14 scores earned him 11th overall and kept him 6th in overall series points.Overall Motocross Lites Results -
1) Ryan Dungey (1,1)
2) Nico Izzi (5,2)
3) Jake Weimer (6,3)
4) Brett Metcalfe (3,6)
5) Broc Tickle (9,4)
6) Blake Wharton (7,9)
7) Matt Lemoine (2,32)
8) Phil Nicoletti (8,13)
9) Kyle Chisholm (18,5)
10) Steven Clarke (16, 7)
11) Wil Hahn (11,12)
12) Dan Reardon (13,11)
13) Jake Moss (10,14)
14) Ryan Sipes (4,37)
15) Justin Brayton (15,10)****Overall Motocross Lites Series Points -

1) Ryan Villopoto - 540
2) Ryan Dungey - 468
3) Brett Metcalfe - 382
4) Jake Weimer - 321
5) Nico Izzi - 292
6) Ryan Sipes - 228
7) Kyle Cunningham - 198
8) Kyle Chisholm - 189
9) Josh Grant - 186
10) Trey Canard - 173Overall Motocross Results -
1) James Stewart (1,1)
2) Tim Ferry (2,2)
3) Broc Hepler (3,3)
4) Michael Byrne (4,4)
5) Andrew Short (5,7)
6) Jimmy Albertson (7,6)
7) Sean Hamblin (6,9)
8) Josh Hill (11,5)
9) Ivan Tedesco (9,8)
10) Matt Boni (13,11)
11) Nick Wey (10,14)
12) Paul Carpenter (15,10)
13) Jason Thomas (16,12)
14) Matt Goerke (8,30)
15) Ben Lamay (17,15)Overall Motocross Series Points -
1) James Stewart - 600
2) Tim Ferry - 414
3) Andrew Short - 392
4) Michael Byrne - 377
5) Cody Cooper - 266
6) Nick Wey - 264
7) Josh Hill - 234
8) Jeff Alessi - 233
9) Sean Hamblin - 225
10) Mike Alessi - 221