Letter Rip! Letter of the Week - Dirt Rider Magazine

Just a note to remind everyone in the offroad community to please use you're head and vote wisely in the upcoming election. This is perhaps the most important election in our time concerning our sport. These two candidates represent probably the greenest in history, but at least one has a running mate whose spouse races and will give us an insider at the white house. We have lost too many riding areas in the last decade to sit back and do nothing. We are still under attack by the greenies concerning exhaust and noise as well. Just last month Cali attorney general Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown filed a lawsuit against the EPA saying the feds aren't doing enough about "greenhouse gases" being emitted by ships, airplanes, and you guessed it, "OFFROAD" vehicles. Please join the Blue ribbon coalition or any other offroad rights organizations and help protect our sport from becoming extinct!!! The time is now folks! - Pat Helsley - motohelz@yahoo.com