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August 6, 2008After a year of development and four months of steady testing, Two2Cool released its answer to mini cycle & 2-stroke transmission lubrication. The CTF-R (Centrifugal Transmission Fluid) and RTL-2 (Racing Transmission Lube 2-stroke) was available to the public a week before Loretta Lynn's Amateur Nationals, and the results are in!CTF-R-Developed specifically for 50cc motorcycles that feature both centrifugal shoe and disc style clutches, made its grand debut at the most demanding race in amateur motocross and took home Two National Titles. The proud parents of Lance Kobusch, Clay Woeste can confirm what our products can achieve. CTF-R achieved it by concentrating more on increasing the locking effects of the clutch and using our legendary cooling formula, reduced heat and maintained maximum power longer. CTF-R is so highly refined that it can easily be mistaken for water. We would also like to thank Chase Sexton, Challen Tennant, Brett Gourley, Gabriel Jairala and William Agnew for their awesome performance at the event.RTL-2-Developed for 2-stroke motorcycles that feature both transmission and clutch systems sharing the same fluid. Two stroke engine oils are different because they must perform the dual purpose of lubricant to numerous gears and synchronizers, while providing positive clutch engagement. RTL-2 achieves this by using innovative additives to increase the locking effects of the clutch friction plates, improving starts, while the T2C Formula reduces clutch & engine temperatures. RTL-2 debuted at Loretta's in the 65-85cc classes with enormous success. We would like to say thanks to Alexander Frye, Jacob Edison, Andy Kost, Jared Jennings, Taylor Barnett, Darren Walsh and Brandon Gourley. Two2Cool's RTL-2 sets the standard higher for two stroke transmission fluids.Loretta's offers some of the worst condition in motocross. We are proud of these athletes and their achievements. We were glad to be able to help them out of the extreme heat conditions their bikes were experiencing.These two latest products from Two2Cool prevent overheating issues while maintaining maximum horsepower longer in your motorcycle. This will help you become the next champion when the heat is on.For five years running, Two2Cool has been cooling engines by using our legendary cooling additive formula. Now you receive it free in the CTF-R and RTL-2 products. If you are interested in finding out more information about our full line of Lubricant & Coolant products, please visit www.two2cool.com"It not just our name, it's what our products do!"