MDK KTM Team Race Report - Dirt Rider Magazine

Millville, MN - After a two week break the MDK KTM Factory Team riders returned to action for the tenth round of the AMA National Motocross season at the Spring Creek Motocross Park.MDK KTM Lites rider Martin Davalos started the day out right when he nailed the holeshot in the first Lites moto. Unfortunately he wasn't able to maintain the lead for long and eventually dropped to 9th. Meanwhile, his teammate Justin Brayton was busy working his way up through the pack as he piloted his bike through traffic from his 21st place start toward the top ten. The third member of the team, Ryan Sipes, started mid-pack and right as he began to charge forward, he was forced to pull into the pit area to replace a flat tire. Unfortunately, he lost a lot of time due to the tire change and was only able to climb into 28th by the end of the moto. Brayton hung on for a hard fought 12th position while Davalos finished 21st after losing precious time when he pulled into the pits for a minor adjustment mid-moto.The second moto was an exact repeat of the first when Davalos again pulled the holeshot. This time Davalos was followed closely by Brayton who rounded the first turn in 4th. Sipes, sadly, crashed in the first turn and remounted in last position. Out front, Davalos held the lead for two laps before Ryan Dungey got around. Davalos continued his pace and continued to run up front until a crash on the fourth lap sent him over the bars and ended his day. Brayton was still sitting comfortably in 4th in his best race of the season so far. He eventually finished 7th in moto two, while his teammate Sipes impressively passed over half of the field to work his way from last to 16th.MDK KTM rider Matt Goerke, in his first race aboard the KTM 450 SX-F machine had an amazing start in the first moto coming around the first turn in 6th. His teammate, Nick Wey, was 20th. Goerke continued to increase his speed passing Broc Hepler on lap four and Ivan Tedesco on lap seven to take over 4th position. Wey was also on the gas climbing into the top ten by lap twelve. Goerke had 4th place secured when he got a rear flat with three laps to go. He rode as hard as he could and managed to hang on to 9th position when the checkered flag flew. Wey finished one spot back in 10th.Moto two showed both Wey and Goerke out front rounding the first turn in 5th and 6th respectively. Goerke was able to move past Wey and Cody Cooper on the second lap to move into 4th position. Goerke again held 4th position until lap nine when he came together with Jeff Alessi through the whoops. Alessi clipped Goerke's front wheel which caused Goerke to crash and lose a couple positions. While Goerke remounted and tried to climb back into the top five, Wey was making his move on the top pack. Wey moved into the 4th spot on lap twelve and finished there a couple laps later. His 10-4 moto scores secured him a great 4th place overall finish while Goerke's 9-7 finishes in his Motocross class debut were strong enough for 7th overall.Next Event: Round 11 - Southwick, MA - August 23-24, 2008Overall Results Motocross Lites -
1) Ryan Dungey (2,1)
2) Ryan Villopoto (1,2)
3) Bret Metcalfe (4,3)
4) Jake Weimer (7,5)
5) Blake Wharton (10,4)
6) Kyle Cunningham (5,11)
7) Andrew MacFarlane (9,9)
8) Wil Hahn (8,10)
9) Justin Brayton (12,7)
10) Josh Grant (3,34)Series Points Motocross Lites -
1) Ryan Villopoto - 485
2) Ryan Dungey - 376
3) Bret Metcalfe - 305
4) Jake Weimer - 259
5) Nico Izzi - 230
6) Ryan Sipes - 192
7) Kyle Cunningham - 174
8) Josh Grant - 173
9) Trey Canard - 173
10) Andrew MacFarlane - 156Overall Results Motocross -
1) James Stewart (1,1)
2) Andrew Short (2,5)
3) Michael Byrne (6,2)
4) Nick Wey (10,4)
5) Tim Ferry (3,12)
6) Jeff Alessi (8,6)
7) Matt Goerke (9,7)
8) Broc Hepler (5,11)
9) Cody Cooper (19,3)
10) Josh Summey (13,10)Series Points Motocross -
1) James Stewart - 500
2) Tim Ferry - 334
3) Andrew Short - 328
4) Michael Byrne - 317
5) Cody Cooper - 230
6) Nick Wey - 228
7) Mike Alessi - 221
8) Jeff Alessi - 205
9) Davi Millsaps - 203
10) Josh Hill - 188