Kurt Caselli Wins Olympia WORCS Race - Dirt Rider Magazine

Olympia, WA - Red Bull KTM Factory rider Kurt Caselli put together the most memorable ride of his career to win the 7th Round of the WORCS Series in honor of his late father Rich Caselli.Caselli came to Olympia determined to gain some much needed points in the championship series and to add another win to his already well decorated rsum. The weather was very cool throughout the weekend with rain the night before that turned the track into quite a mud fest. Nonetheless, the gate dropped and the riders bolted toward the first turn to tackle the muddy course. Caselli had a good jump on the start but fell as he rounded the first turn. He did not let this upset him; rather he remounted in last position and began to charge forward at an incredible pace. Caselli's Red Bull KTM teammate Justin Soul had a decent start within the top ten.By the end of the first lap Caselli had moved into 10th position, while Soul was just one spot behind him in 11th. By lap 2, Caselli had moved into 6th and by the halfway point he had climbed his way into 4th at which time he was still two minutes behind the current leader Ricky Dietrich.A lap later Caselli had moved into 3rd and the following lap into 2nd. On the second to last lap he made the pass to take over the lead and managed to pull a gap over the rest of the field before he crossed the finish to take his second win of the season. Soul rode a steady race to earn 10th overall."I dedicate this race to my father. If it were not for him I would not be where I am today. Thanks to everyone who has supported me and my family. This win means a lot to us," commented Caselli after the event.Caselli now sits third in overall points just 13 points shy of second place.Next Event: Round 8: Monticello, UT - August 29-31, 2008Overall Results:
1) Kurt Caselli - KTM
2) Bobby Bonds
3) Kendall Norman
4) Ricky Dietrich
5) Charlie Mullins
6) Nathan Woods
7) Damon Huffman
8) Gary Sutherlin
9) Robby Bell
10) Justin Soul - KTM

Overall Points Standings:
1) Ricky Dietrich - 165
2) Bobby Bonds - 157
3) Kurt Caselli - 144
4) Bobby Garrison - 105
5) Damon Huffman - 93
6) Kyle Summers - 93
7) Justin Soul - 78
8) Tim Weigand - 74
9) Gary Sutherlin - 65
10) Robby Bell - 64