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LOMMEL (BELGIUM), 3 August 2008 - The Grand Prix of Belgium-GP Flanders was a great Motocross show entertaining a massive crowd of 27000 spectators throughout the weekend.

Jonathan Barragan took his third consecutive GP win courtesy of an incredible performance on the sand while Estonian Gert Krestinov wrapped up his maiden GP win after he celebrated his 18th birthday yesterday.MX1 CLASS
AXO KTM Silver Action's Jonathan Barragan is on a roll in this final part of the season as he took his third consecutive win -fourth of the season and of the career- today in Lommel.

The Spaniard won the final Moto and took second in the first one, where Martin Honda's Marc de Reuver put together a fantastic performance to finish first.

The second moto was tougher for the Dutchman who crashed when he was at the lead, handing it to Barragan and Max Nagl of Red Bull KTM Factory Racing.

The latter was a solid third on the podium right behind Teka Suzuki WMX1's Ken de Dycker.

De Reuver and new series leader Steve Ramon rounded off the top five as David Philippaerts ended a bad day in tenth place.MX1 Moto 1
Marc De Reuver took an unexpected victory as both early leaders Ramon and De Dycker made mistakes and lost the first place.

The Dutchman eventually battled it out with factory KTM rider Barragan and despite making a mistake he secured the win from the Spaniard.

Ken De Dycker took a safe third from team mate Ramon, as the duo fought tooth and nail for the lead in the first half of the Moto.

Joshua Coppins rounded off the top five from Nagl as Philippaerts ended 15th after a first lap crash.MX1 Moto 2
After Nagl and Barragan controlled the opening laps, De Reuver stormed to first and started to pull away with the lead until he crashed.Once he was back to the track it took him a few laps before getting back to his rhythm and he eventually ended tenth. Barragan made a final overtaking manoeuvre on Nagl to secure the victory from the German and De Dycker.Sebastien Pourcel was fourth as Ramon and Philippaerts, who crashed in the final laps, rounded off the top six.Jonathan Barragan:
"Today I started well and I had a good speed so I am riding with a lot of confidence. I pushed quite hard in the first race but after the start of the second race I decided to pull back a bit to conserve my energy and I think this allowed me to go on and win and take the overall victory. Some people were surprised that a Spanish rider could win on sand but I think the track conditions are not as important as my physical condition. This year I have been focussed on the bike and the settings and working with my team and this has worked out very well for me."Ken De Dycker:
"The track wasn't really how I expected it to be today and I didn't like it so much really. It was very fast with lots of small bumps which is not what Lommel is normally like.I didn't get such a good start in moto one and I had to use a lot of energy coming through the pack in the early laps but it was good to lead the race. Then I made one or two mistakes because I wasn't concentrating so much and they were able to come back by me but to finish third was not too bad.

In the second moto I got another not-so-great start and then in the fourth or fifth corner I crashed but I was up and away quite soon. It was a hard race and so I just took my own rhythm to ensure that I could keep going until the end of the race.

My intention coming into this race was to take points from the leading riders in the championship and I've done that so I'm quite happy."Max Nagl:
"It was my goal to finish in the top five at the end of the season and that now seems possible, my team has done a very good job with the bike and for sure its one of the hottest in the paddock. There are good jumps and the corners are much better. This is a track that suits me".MX2 CLASS
An incredible Gert Krestinov of Favor KTM Motorsport took his maiden GP victory after winning the final heat. Red Bull KTM Factory Racing's Rui Goncalves mounted on the second step of the podium for the first time in his career as he finished level in points with the Estonian.Team mate Tommy Searle was third overall despite three crashes in the final moto and Tyla Rattray, who also crashed in the final heat, was fourth despite he won moto one. Champ KTM team mates Jeremy van Horebeek and Joel Roelants rounded off the top six as Ricci Racing Yamaha's Nicolas Aubin was seventh.MX2 Moto 1
Rui Goncalves was the first to enter the first corner and led the first three laps; Rattray moved past him and did his own race to finish first from Searle.The latter had a tough start but worked his way up through the pack even though he was more than 21 seconds away from the South African. Goncalves took an incredible third in the final lap as he moved past both Roelants and Simpson who were fighting for third until the Portuguese's comeback. After a mistake in the opening lap Krestinov recovered to eighth.MX2 Moto 2
The final heat started with the crash of Rattray, Searle and Simpson who all went down at the first corner.The trio restarted at the back of the pack while Krestinov worked his way through the top three moving past Eggens and early leader Aubin to take the lead and the eventual win. Rattray made it to fourth and was chasing Aubin for third when he crashed. After he restarted from 17th he just brought the bike home taking 10th. Aubin was second ahead of Van Horebeek and Goncalves, who did not take the best of the starts.

Roelants and Searle, who crashed other two times, rounded off the top six.Gert Krestinov:
"Things started going well for me yesterday. I feel like I am living a dream after taking the victory today. I did make a few mistakes in the first race and I couldn't manage better than eighth but then I went out and won the second race. Now I hope to carry on and to stay with KTM. I really like the bike."Rui Goncalves:
"For sure it was my best result for the season so far.In race one I took the holeshot and found some good lines, but just wanted to stay focussed and not take any risks. The second race was very different. There were a lot of crashes and it was quite messy. I wasn't going so well but I managed to close the gap."Tommy Searle:
"I didn't have such a good start in the first Moto then I had problems at the gate in the second and then I was involved in the crash in the first corner. I managed to close down the gap in the second but I crashed again and stalled the bike and made another mistake in the final lap. But even if I did make some mistakes, I still managed to gain a point on Tyla (Rattray)".MX1 Moto 1
1, Marc De Reuver, Hon
2, Jonathan Barragan, KTM
3, Ken De Dycker, Suzuki
4, Steve Ramon, Suzuki
5, Joshua Coppins, Yamaha
6, Maximilian Nagl, KTM
7, Sbastien Pourcel, Kawasaki
8, Clement Desalle, Suzuki
9, Billy MacKenzie, Honda
10, Manuel Priem, KawasakiMX1 Moto 2
1, Jonathan Barragan, KTM
2, Maximilian Nagl, KTM
3, Ken De Dycker, Suzuki
4, Sbastien Pourcel, Kawasaki
5, Steve Ramon, Suzuki
6, David Philippaerts, Yamaha
7, Kornel Nemeth, KTM
8, Joshua Coppins, Yamaha
9, Aigar Leok, Yamaha
10, Marc De Reuver, HondaMX1 Championship Point
1, Steve Ramon, Suzuki, BEL, 362
2, David Philippaerts, Yamaha, ITA, 360
3, Joshua Coppins, Yamaha, NZL, 345
4, Ken De Dycker, Suzuki, BEL, 336
5, Jonathan Barragan, KTM, ESP, 331
6, Sbastien Pourcel, Kawasaki, FRA, 306
7, Maximilian Nagl, KTM, GER, 290
8, Billy MacKenzie, Honda, GBR, 257
9, Tanel Leok, Kawasaki, EST, 245
10, Marc De Reuver, Honda, NED, 214MX2 Moto1
1, Tyla Rattray, KTM
2, Tommy Searle, KTM
3, Rui Goncalves, KTM
4, Joel Roelants, KTM
5, Shaun Simpson, KTM
6, Jeremy Van Horebeek
7, Steven Frossard, Kawasaki
8, Gert Krestinov, KTM
9, Davide Guarneri, Yamaha
10, Matti Seistola, HondaMX2 Moto2
1, Gert Krestinov, KTM
2, Nicolas Aubin, Yamaha
3, Jeremy Van Horebeek, KTM
4, Rui Goncalves, KTM
5, Joel Roelants, KTM
6, Tommy Searle, KTM
7, Matti Seistola, Honda
8, Zach Osborne, Yamaha
9, Xavier Boog, Suzuki
10, Tyla Rattray, KTMMX2 Championship Point
1, Tyla Rattray, KTM, RSA, 452
2, Tommy Searle, KTM, GBR, 432
3, Antonio Cairoli, Yamaha, ITA, 357
4, Shaun Simpson, KTM, GBR, 312
5, Rui Goncalves, KTM, POR, 279
6, Nicolas Aubin, Yamaha, FRA, 274
7, Jeremy Van Horebeek, KTM, BEL, 232
8, Xavier Boog, Suzuki, FRA, 224
9, Steven Frossard, Kawasaki, FRA, 215
10, Manuel Monni, Yamaha, ITA, 203