Atomic Racing And Vision One Motorsports Combine Forces - Dirt Rider Magazine

Riverside, CA (August 22, 2008) - Vision One Motorsports and Paul Carpenter's Atomic Racing have announced a merger that will see the team combine forces for the 2009 motorcycle racing season. The team will compete in the U.S. Supercross Series and CMRC Canadian National Motocross Championships with a three-rider team.Paul Carpenter was a rider with the Vision One Motorsports team in 2007 and completed a successful season, finishing in the top ten in Supercross and winning the Canadian National Motocross Championship. Carpenter was approached with an opportunity to run his own team the following year where he finished in the top ten once again."I learned a lot this year as a team manager," explained Paul. "Being the team manager and rider is a handful and there is a lot of behind the scenes work needed to be done. It affected my riding and training so it will be nice to be able to get back to just riding. Plus, this sport is getting very expensive. We'll be able to put our resources together to form a bigger and better program."Jack Carpenter will compete on a Kawasaki KX250F in the Supercross Lites East region while Paul Carpenter and a rider to be named later will compete on the new fuel-injected Kawasaki KX450F in the premiere Supercross class. All three riders will compete in the premiere MX1 class in Canada."I'm excited to have Paul back on board with Cernic's Kawasaki," said Vision One Motorsports owner, Billy Whitley. "Paul has had two great seasons and we're hoping to have another one next year. Plus, we're getting another good rider with Jack Carpenter. I've had the privilege to watch him ride and train at our Texas facility this past winter and he has a great work ethic."Vision One Motorsports will take over the management duties for the team and will bring existing sponsors Cernics and Kawasaki Motors Corporation to the team. The team will be based out of Vision One's race shop in Riverside, California with an additional practice facility in Huntington, Texas. Derek Sorenson will continue as the team manager and will be based out of California."I'm pretty excited about the merger and looking forward to working with Paul again," commented Sorenson. "He has learned a lot as a manager over the past year and I'm sure he'll have valuable input for me and the team."For more information about the team, or to inquire about sponsorship, visit