Thunder Valley MX AMA Outdoor National Race Report - Dirt Rider Magazine

June 29th, 2008
Lakewood, Colorado
The lights were shining at round five of the Toyota AMA Outdoor Motocross National in Lakewood, Colorado. Perfect weather combined with a later schedule brought an exciting new event to the series.Being at mile high elevation, robs the oxygen out of the air, challenging the whole team. Rider's struggle with breathing, making it very easy to get winded without proper preparation in training. Mechanic's fought with jetting and lack of horse power, on the hilly course.All the MDK KTM riders were healthy and ready for battle, the first time all year. MDK KTM's Billy Laninovich returned to action, on a MDK KTM 450SX after being sidelined with injury from supercross. Billy looked great in qualifying and was excited, about returning to the outdoors. MDK KTM team captain Nick Wey sat eighth overall in the Motocross class and continues to climb up the big bore class points. Motocross Lites class, had MDK KTM riders Matt Goerke and Ryan Sipes sitting ninth and ten overall leading up to Lakewood. MDK KTM's Justin Brayton hit the top ten last weekend, in High Point in the second moto. Also returning to action, two weeks prior to Lakewood, MDK KTM's Martin Davalos.Lites first moto, saw Davalos getting the best start of the team coming around in fifth on lap one. Two spots back Goerke and Sipes were right there on pace. First turn problems put Justin Brayton fighting through the pack in 28th. Goerke moved into fifth on lap five, with Sipes following in sixth. Davalos fell back to eighth, as Brayton passed six riders sliding into 22nd. Goerke was on the gas and held fifth, until late in the moto finishing sixth.Sipes logged 11th. Martin put in a solid top ten finish at eighth. Justin gutted out a 21st and needed a good start the next moto.450 first moto, Nick Wey started way back in 25th with Laninovich five spots farther back in 30th, after lap one. Wey charged hard passing, two to three riders a lap and rallying back to 15th. Billy had no luck at all, in his first moto back. Only three laps in, Billy DNFed with unknown reasons and ended his weekend.250 second moto, Davalos rocketed out of the gate in second, Sipes in seventh and Goerke in eighth. Brayton improved in his start, but rounded the first lap in 22nd. Justin would put a great charge, passing nine riders, finishing 13th at motos end. Sipes and Goerke would trade positions, throughout the moto. Matt ended up tenth with Sipes getting ninth. Martin rode great, holding down third for nine laps. Then a DNF ended, what would have been, the best ride of the season for the team.Overall MDK KTM's Matt Goerke went, 6-10 for seventh and sits ninth in points. Ryan Sipes scored, 11-9 for tenth moving him into 11th in points. Justin Brayton fought back from bad starts, to finish 21-13 for 17th overall.Motocross second moto, saw Nick Wey running, in the top ten, at the halfway point. Wey would go on to finish tenth on the moto. 15-10 for 12th overall moved Nick into seventh, in the points standings.Action continues next weekend at Wey's home track, Red Bud, Michigan. Fourth of July weekend, at the famous track always brings out the spectators. The MDK KTM looks for top five finishes, in both classes and continues to get closer, with every passing weekend. Stop by the huge, MDK KTM big rigs, for a chance to meet the talented team.