Red Bull KTM/Southwest Cycle Specialties Team Wins Perry Mountain 24-Hour - Dirt Rider Magazine

Perry Mountain, Alabama - Red Bull KTM Factory riders Russell Bobbitt and Nate Kanney teamed up with the four riders (Mike Grizzle, Jason Chancey, Allen Gravitt and Cory Buttrick) representing KTM Southeast Cycle Specialty to contest and later win the 7th annual Perry Mountain 24-Hour Challenge.Together the six-man team turned 44 laps on the 12.4 mile loop during the 24 hour long race. This equaled over 540 miles in a day's time. The race was quite entertaining as the Red Bull KTM/Southwest Cycle Specialty Team swapped the lead with the Am-Pro Yamaha team through the first eight hours of the event. "It was fun to dice back and forth with the other team. It gave us a challenge and made us work harder toward our goal of winning this event," commented Bobbitt.After the eight hour mark, the KTM Team started to pull away. At four in the morning the team had pulled an eight minute lead on the Yamaha team. The team praised the Trail Tech lighting system on their KTM bike which gave the riders plenty of light to see the course and feel comfortable on the track during the nighttime hours to help them extend their lead. With only five hours left in the race, the Yamaha team charged forward to make one last attempt at conquering the KTM Team. However, it could not be done. The KTM riders persevered and took home the overall win approximately four minutes ahead.