Pontrilas, British Twin Shock World MX Championship - Dirt Rider Magazine

June 21-22, 2008-06-23Back in the UK after race organizer Darren Hudson lined up support from Wulfsport's Bill Brown for a flight to attend as a honoured guest at the Twin Shock MX Championship. Bill produces some very cool riding gear for riders here in Europe and has collected a few containers of Maico parts over the years allowing twin shock enthusiasts to freshen up these 27 year old running pieces of art. I had the honor of riding an '81 490 that was built on a Dutch frame that duplicated the standard specs. Thanks to a retro fit reed block motor, power delivery began right off idle delivering a power band that made cornering and line selection a breeze. Pontrilas MX track was founded just 7 years ago set on a grassy hillside just a few kilometres from the Welsh border. British MX Nationals have been run here with riders treated to a couple thrilling down hill ski jumps that riders can jump as far as they like onto the sloped landing! As is always the case in the UK, rain can be a factor and this was no exception as the sky's opened up all Friday night. Practice, however went well as the hillside drained well, leaving behind a 4 inch slippery surface that put an additional 50 pounds on the bike. A main line soon developed and dried as the day went on without any new rain. We got in a full 3 motos for each of the 6 classes run on Saturday with an additional 2 on Sunday. As many as 40 riders ran in each class. A live British band played under the party tent Saturday night as the rain came again. It was decided to leave the track as is for Sunday. A very slippery practice session soon dried for a very fun racing course. The start was an all grass affair that I never really got a good jump as some of the guys had the gate timing figured out better. I did end up winning the 5 motos on the Maico in the full gate of 50+ riders for the Twin Shock title. 1982 British Champion Pete Mathia battled with me on Saturday but was off Sunday to support his son in a school boy MX race nearby. Mr. Holeshot was 55 year old Peter Lightfoot on a very well prepared Maico finished 2nd overall for the weekend. Peter offered his 2007 450 Honda to ride in the Vet class. Finished 2nd to British speedster 42 yr. Old Terry House. In the Mallory Park FIM Vet GP a couple weeks ago House surprised everyone with his charge from mid pack up to Thorpe in third before a mis-hap dropped Terry to 5th.Attending the Pontrilis Twin shock Championship was not a lot unlike the AHRMA Vintage events held in the US. A lot of riders that were riding in the early days with fond memories of the Golden Era that still enjoy rding the classic bikes, regardless of the race results. A special treat was lining up with 1979 500 World Motocross Champion Graham Noyce. Graham comes to these events for a fun ride on his 1980 250 Honda. A broken chain and case ended the champs fun in the last moto on Saturday. If I can come up with expense Quid's I've been invited to ride a Vintage at the famous Farleigh Castle on July 4 weekend.

Mark proudly displays his recent restoration of his '79 Honda Red Rocket 250. Mark was a big help with bikes in Pontrilis.
Rear fender succumbed to the heavy mud on Saturday
This was one sweet Maico! 53 changed # to 63
Restored 360 Honda was a favorite amongst the crowd for the concourse contest
One of the funnest track in the UK, specifically on the twin shocks