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TEUTSCHENTHAL (GERMANY), 29 June 2008 - An action packed weekend of Motocross racing ended today at Teutschenthal in front of 34000 spectators.Kiwi Joshua Coppins came back to victory by finishing first in both heats and is now second in the Championship from Yamaha team mate David Philippaerts. Tyla Rattray wrapped up the overall and the red plate in the MX2 class.MX1CLASS
With his latest GP win dating back at Bulgaria 2007, Yamaha Monster Motocross' Joshua Coppins came back to the top step of the podium by winning both heats at a hot Teutschenthal. Poleman Teka Suzuki WMX1's Ken de Dycker took the second step of the podium ahead of Kawasaki Racing's Tanel Leok. It was a podium comeback also for the Estonian, who took his latest rostrum finish in Namur 2007. David Philippaerts rode to fourth despite a damaged rib from the crash at the French GP; Philippaerts retained the red plate while Sebastien Pourcel rounded off the top five.MX1 MOTO 1
Nagl took the holeshot but stopped three laps later because of a technical problem; an injured Mackenzie battled it out with Coppins for the lead and eventually dropped down to 15th while Coppins stormed to victory. Boniface crashed into Pourcel who had fallen moments before his French countryman passed by; Ramon was handed the third spot and worked his way up to an eventual second from Philippaerts. De Dycker and Bill rounded off the top five as Tanel Leok settled into sixth after trying to find a way past the Swiss.MX1 MOTO 2
Coppins led the pack into turn one but let Mackenzie and Pourcel by to see them both crash throughout the following five laps; once the Kiwi was handed the lead he rode strong to secure the overall win while Ramon crashed to finish only 18th. Team mate De Dycker moved past a solid Nagl to secure the second place but he felt the pressure of an incredible Leok towards the final laps. After moving past Nagl for third, Leok chased De Dycker but eventually finished third in front of German Nagl. Pourcel took the fifth place from Philippaerts, who felt more pain in this final heat. Mackenzie was tenth.Josh Coppins:
"There is a lot of emotion for me with this win and I am very happy today. I would like to thank all the people who have supported me. The results were not what we all expected and there have been some hard times. We knuckled down to work and I knew the results would come; I promised them to the team in fact. My last double was at Mantova in 2007 but to be honest even my last victory feels like a long time ago. It is nice to get that feeling back again and it makes the training tomorrow a lot easier. The championship now looks a lot different. I think only two races ago I was 54 points behind.Ken De Dycker: I didn't get the best starts this weekend but I rode well in both races, the heat made things tough today and the track was rough also but that made it fun to ride for me. I finished second overall today which is good for the championship as only Josh Coppins scored more points than me so I'm really happy.The team and I are always working and I think we're getting better every weekend. I was happy with my riding, I think I'm the only rider today who could come through the pack and then stay there. I didn't want to push too hard today because it was very easy to make a mistake on this track and also it was hot which made things very tough.MX1 MOTO 1
1. Joshua Coppins, Yamaha
2. Steve Ramon, Suzuki
3. David Philippaerts
4. Ken De Dycker
5. Julien Bill, Honda
6. Tanel Leok, Kawasaki
7. Sebastien Pourcel, Kawasaki
8. Manuel Priem, Kawasaki
9. Aigar Leok, Yamaha
10. Clement Desalle, SuzukiMX1 MOTO 2
1. Joshua Coppins, Yamaha
2. Ken De Dycker, Suzuki
3. Tanel Leok, Kawasaki
4. Maximilian Nagl, KTM
5. Sebastien Pourcel, Kawasaki
6. David Philippaerts, Yamaha
7. Julien Bill, Honda
8. Aigar Leok, Yamaha
9. Manuel Priem, Kawasaki
10. Billy MacKenzie, HondaWorld Championship Standings
1. David Philippaerts, Yamaha, ITA, 266
2. Joshua Coppins, Yamaha, NZL, 262
3. Steve Ramon, Suzuki, BEL, 250
4. Ken De Dycker, Suzuki, BEL, 240
5. Sebastien Pourcel, Kawasaki, FRA, 231
6. Jonathan Barragan, KTM, ESP, 192
7. Tanel Leok, Kawasaki, EST, 186
8. Maximilian Nagl, KTM, GER, 179
9. Billy MacKenzie, Honda, GBR, 176
10. Marc De Reuver, Honda, NED, 156MX2CLASS
Red Bull KTM Factory Racing's Tyla Rattray was back to victory at Teutschenthal as he topped the podium from archrival Antonio Cairoli of Yamaha Red Bull De Carli. The latter finished level in points with the South African as Tony took victory in moto one while Rattray won moto two. CLS' Steven Frossard was a surprising third overall at his maiden podium appearance while Red Bull KTM Factory Racing's team mates Rui Goncalves, holeshotting both heats, and Tommy Searle rounded off the top five.MX2 MOTO 1
Goncalves led the pack into turn one but Cairoli eventually moved past to pull away and win. Once he got rid of Goncalves, Rattray followed Cairoli to take the second place ahead of a very quick Searle. Starting from 25th on the grid after yesterday's extremely hard qualifying, Searle worked his way up to third courtesy of incredible overtaking manoeuvres. Frossard was fourth after Searle moved past him and Simpson rounded off the top five ahead of Goncalves.MX2 MOTO 2
Once again Goncalves took the best start to storm first into the opening corner. Leuret was a positive second after the start but eventually finished 17th as this was only his second GP of 2008 because of a shoulder injury after Valkenswaard. Rattray moved up to first and pulled away to win and take the top step of the podium while Cairoli was second. Searle was third when he crashed and handed the position to Goncalves, who finished ahead of Frossard. After an early crash, the Frenchman battled tooth and nail with Simpson to take both the fourth place and the podium. The Brit was passed also by Musquin to finish sixth while Searle was ninth.Tyla Rattray: I went out hard and I feel so good on the bike that I just feel I can hit the level I want at any time. I had two good starts and I had some good lines. I put in some good laps and it would be great to take the red plate back to South Africa. I love to race and I love to win.Antonio Cairoli:
"After three or four laps in the first moto I got the lead and found a good rhythm. I made a gap over Tyla and the rest was quite easy. In the second moto my start was not the best and after a mistake on the first lap and taking too long to pass Shaun and Steven I had lost too much time to Tyla; he was uncatchable. Tommy is a very fast rider and a good one but Tyla has more experience and I think he is the bigger threat for the title; he makes less mistakes. I lost a lot of points in France so it was important to take a good result here. It will be hard to get the red-plate back because the three of us are so close each week but we still have plenty of races to go.MX2 MOTO 1
1. Antonio Cairoli, Yamaha
2. Tyla Rattray, KTM
3. Tommy Searle, KTM
4. Steven Frossard, Kawasaki
5. Shaun Simpson, KTM
6. Rui Goncalves, KTM
7. Jeremy Van Horebeek
8. Manuel Monni, Yamaha
9. Wyatt Avis, Honda, RSA
10. Marvin Musquin, HondaMX2 MOTO 2
1. Tyla Rattray, KTM
2. Antonio Cairoli, Yamaha
3. Rui Goncalves, KTM
4. Steven Frossard, Kawasaki
5. Marvin Musquin, Honda
6. Shaun Simpson, KTM
7. Jeremy Van Horebeek, KTM
8. Xavier Boog, Suzuki
9. Tommy Searle, KTM
10. Manuel Monni, YamahaWorld Championship Standings
1. Tyla Rattray, KTM, RSA, 326
2. Tommy Searle, KTM, GBR, 315
3. Antonio Cairoli, Yamaha, ITA, 310
4. Shaun Simpson, KTM, GBR, 209
5. Rui Goncalves, KTM, POR, 198
6. Nicolas Aubin, Yamaha, FRA, 188
7. Xavier Boog, Suzuki, FRA, 173
8. Manuel Monni, Yamaha, ITA, 157
9. Stephen Sword, Kawasaki, GBR, 151
10. Jeremy Van Horebeek, KTM, BEL, 148