Christini Riders Finish 5th And 6th At The World's Toughest Race: Erzberg! - Dirt Rider Magazine

Christini Riders Finish 5th and 6th at the world's toughest race: Erzberg!Christini Riders Kyle Redmond and Geoff Aaron Finish 5th and 6th in the Erzberg Rodeo in Eizenerz, Austria.With riders from 32 nations and the worlds top competitors, Christini had its work cut out for them in Erzberg. But with the help of All Wheel Drive, Kyle Redmond and Geoff Aaron pushed on to place ahead of the some of the best in the world!Friday and Saturday's qualifiers eliminated 1000 riders to leave only the top 500 fastest times. Kyle Redmond qualified 48th which placed him on the front line. Geoff Aaron qualified at 90th which placed him back on the 2nd row and a 5 minute lag before his start.With some of the toughest terrain and riders ahead, Kyle Redmond became the youngest rider to finish Erzberg and the highest American finisher ever. Geoff Aaron did the impossible and passed over 50 riders to come from the 2nd row and finish in 6th place. Together, Kyle and Geoff go down in history as the top two American finishers ever, the youngest finisher ever in Kyle Redmond, and the top finisher to ever come from the 2nd row in Geoff Aaron. All of this on the first ever appearance of the Christini All Wheel Drive motorcycles in Europe!All Wheel Drive has gone down in history and will be back next year for another run at the Iron Giant of Erzberg!