Team Off Camber Racing/Pro Moto Billet/Fastway North Carolina Race Report - Dirt Rider Magazine

The Grand National Cross Country Series (GNCC) continued this past weekend with the 3rd round in Morganton, North Carolina. The weeks prior to the race had not seen much precipitation, but Friday night the clouds rolled in, with rain soaking much of the track for the remainder of the weekend. Team Off Camber Racing/Pro Moto Billet/Fastway had 2 of their riders in attendance to enjoy the wet, muddy, slippery trails.Mandi Mastin, went into the race tied for 1st in the series with Jacqueline Ross, both having a 1st and 2nd place finish. Jacqueline was not present for this round. Therfore, Mandi was able to continue her winning streak in a dominating fashion, giving her the lead in the series. "The track was technical today because of the muddy conditions and a couple of up-hills that caused some bottlenecks. I'm happy leaving here today with a win, but disappointed with my overall standings. I struggled with lap traffic today and getting through the bottlenecks quickly, but all in all it was a good day." This gives Mandi a ten point lead in the series over 2nd place women rider, Ashley Crouch.Randy Mastin, 2007 Masters A champion, struggled today with the lap traffic and a series of bad luck situations. "My day started out with a mid-pack start today. It was difficult trying to find lines to pass other riders. During one of the re-routes, I got turned around and lost some valuable time trying to figure out where the new trail was suppose to be going. In the end, with all my mistakes today, I ended up 17 seconds short of winning." Randy started the first lap in 5th place trailing the lead by 2 ? minutes. After 4 laps, Randy was able to make up all but 17 seconds up on the leader, ending the day in 2nd place and 17th overall.The next race for Off Camber Racing will be April 6, 2008 in Hanging Limb, Tennessee for the 1st round of the OMA Series. The 2008 OMA Series consists of 10 rounds with 5 new venues this year. This is the 4th year for the OMA Series and each year it continues to go with rider participation and industry sponsorships. The goals for the series is to design off-road courses that require some thought, along with a challenge to even the Pro class riders. This is truly a cross country racing series, with the challenges of natural terrain and single track trails. To view more information on this great series, check out their website at't forget to check out our website at to view the team schedule, race reports, and current updates!Off Camber Racing would like to thank all its sponsors; Pro Moto Billet and Fastway Performances, Klim, Rekluse, Yamaha, Maxxis, Bel-Ray, Dirttricks, Clarke Mfg., EBC Brakes, Works Connection, FMF, Steahly Off-Road, Scott, PG Graphics, Regina Chains, Factory Connection and Championship Powersports. Without the help of all these companies and the great people behind these products, our team would not be able to keep going out and winning every weekend!