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Check Out Tread Lightly!'s MySpace and Facebook Pages
Tread Lightly! has finally hooked up with the world's most popular social networking sites-MySpace and Facebook. These new outlets will give Tread Lightly! supporters a way to link together and have an open dialog about recreation issues and protecting the environment. Right now we are new in town and need some friends! So check us out at the links below and join our grassroots group.Official Facebook Tread Lightly! Group MySpace Page Tips to Tread Lightly! When Camping
1. Whenever possible, use existing campsites. Camp on durable surfaces and place tents on a non-vegetated area. Do not dig trenches around tents.
2. Camp a least 200 feet from water, trails and other campsites.
3. Do not wash in streams and lakes. Detergents, toothpaste and soap harm fish and other aquatic life.
4. Observe all fire restrictions. For campfires, use only fallen timber. Gather firewood well away from your camp. Also, consider using a camp stove for cooking instead of a fire-they have less impact on the land.
5. Leave your campsite better than you found it or as if you were never there. Get more quick tips for other types of recreation!Use a Web Banner
Use one of our great web banners to post on your website, to use in your email signature, or to include on forums. Each banner promotes Tread Lightly!'s crucial message, but we can't get the message out unless we have your help.Tread Lightly! Apparel in New Spring Colors
Our popular polo shirts are now available in new colors such as Topaz Yellow, Salmon, Mocha, and Key Lime. New fleece jacket and fishing jacket colors are also available. Visit the Tread Lightly! Store.