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(Anaheim, CA.) The organizers of the Maxxis MiniMotoSX are proud to announce the addition of the SGR-USA Holeshot Award to the Friday, May 2, Las Vegas event. SGR-USA, a world-wide distributor of SGR-USA parts for Pit Bikes/Mini's, will be presenting $100 cash to every rider in every class that holeshot's the main event! The Maxxis MiniMotoSX will see some of the biggest names in the motocross industry battling for not only the win, but now thanks to SGR-USA, also for the early jump out front in order to collect the cash."SGR-USA has been involved since the beginning with the Maxxis MiniMotoSX," proclaims SGR-USA's Jeremiah Staggs. "We wanted to do something special this year, so we came up with the SGR-USA Holeshot Award! There's no better motivation than cash, especially in Vegas!""We are always looking to add to the purse and prizes for the tremendously talented riders, and thanks to SGR-USA we've been able to do just that," offers Lance Bryson, Director of Sales & Marketing for the event.The Maxxis MiniMotoSX, "the biggest PitBike race in the world," is held annually inside the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year it will be held on Friday, May 2, the night before the Monster Supercross Finals. Tickets and entries are still available at SGR-USA:
SGR-USA is based in Hesperia, California and is a strong supporter of the Pit Bike scene in both California and across the USA. SGR-USA is a worldwide distributor of SGR-USA parts for Pit Bikes/Minis. They are also involved with several well known companies in the industry with product development, testing and support. In addition, SGR-USA runs their own nationwide race team that performs annually in several key events across the country.www.sgr-usa.com2008 Maxxis MiniMotoSXFriday May 2nd Las Vegas, Nevada, Orleans Arenawww.MiniMotoSX.comSource Interlink Media Motorsports Encompassing the highly successful AMA/Maxxis MiniMotoSX and the AMA/Maxxis EnduroCross Championship Series, the Source Interlink Media Motorsports brands reach millions of motorcycle enthusiasts with live events, DVD packages, web sites, television and magazine coverage. To find out more about these events visit or