RXR Protect's Tyson Hadsell Swims A Great Race Through Daytona Floods - Dirt Rider Magazine

- Press release - March 10th, 2008RXR Protect's Tyson Hadsell swims a great race through Daytona Floods.Respect!What a track! What a performance! All the riders that made it to the Main events at the 2008 Daytona SX deserve "R-E-S-P-E-C-T".The unbelievable conditions on Friday night in Daytona changed the perfect track, designed by Ricky Carmichael, into a nightmare of water and mud. In these conditions the riders had to outperform themselves, racing not only against their peers but mostly against the track and the weather.RXR Protect is very proud of Tyson's performance and great effort: after racing the opening round of the GNCC earlier in the week, Tyson Hadsell qualified 6th in Heat 2 and rode his MDKMotosports/WonderWarthogRacing Honda CRF250R to a Top 15 finish in the Daytona SX Lites Main event.Like other RXR Protect AMA Pro riders Ryan Mills, Kevin Rookstool, Tiger Lacey, Mike Horban and Bryce Shondeck, Tyson Hadsell uses an RXR Protect V1.0 in racing.For more information about RXR Protect and our ASA technology: www.rxrprotect.com