RXR Protect's "Pimp My Protection" For Minneapolis Supercross - Dirt Rider Magazine

RXR Protect's riders will sports new graphic kits on their V1.0 Promodel chest-protectors for the return of SX to Minneapolis, MN."It is a bit of a special treat we do for our riders; trying to get some graphics that match their gear for every race, or just some special design that they really want" said RXR Protect Brand Director Chris Favro. "Minneapolis is an important race for us: we have the arrival of Colt Humphrey in the team, the return of Ryan Mills who has been sidelined by a crash last weekend and Tyson Hadsell who should confirm the great performance he gave at Daytona. Those guys are going to give everything they have again, racing hard like they usually do so I wanted to make sure that we did our part of the job too. The performance of the product is a fact but we needed to 'pimp it' a bit so that it looks 'cool' for this 'cool' sport of ours!"Team MDK/WonderWarthogRacing's Ryan Mills, Tyson Hadsell and Colt Humphrey use the RXR Protect V1.0 Promodel which will be available in the US early April.For more information about RXR Protect and the ASA technology: http://www.rxrprotect.com