RXR Protect And Team MDK/WWR Offer A Ride To Colt Humphrey - Dirt Rider Magazine

When Team MDK/Wonder Warthog Racing's Darrell Saldana, Scott Kandell and RXR Protect's Chris Favro decided to search for a new candidate in order to replace East Coast Lites rider Jase Lewis, who had been sidelined by a collarbone injury, they didn't foresee that it would turn out into more of a challenge."We wanted to help a privateer that had the speed, the right attitude, the right reasons to join the team" says Darrell Saldana. "A rider who could make the Main thanks to the MDK Speed-prepared CRF250R and our Team MDK/WWR structure. A lot of good guys applied and it wasn't an easy choice but Colt had what we were looking for. It's very exciting to have him on the team. See you guys in Minneapolis.""We're really happy to have Colt on board. I have seen him race before and it is going to be positive for all of us. I have to admit that what seemed to be a pretty simple and good idea for Darrell, Scott and myself, turned into a difficult exercise. Not really due to the number of applications that we have received, but mostly because of the pool of talent and great potential that is out there." said Chris Favro. "Although it is rewarding to be able to offer the ride, and the opportunity to race in better conditions, to Colt Humphrey, I have to admit that it is extremely frustrating not being able to do it for more of them. We're getting Colt's RXR chest-protector ready for Minneapolis; he's going to look safe and cool. "Colt Humphrey's bike number #133 is an MDK Speed Honda CRF250R with graphic kits and backgrounds by DeCal Works.For more information about RXR Protect and the ASA technology: www.rxrprotect.comAbout Wonder Warthog Racing:
Wonder Warthog Racing (WWR) is a unique company formed to better the sport of motocross. WWR is comprised of two distinct entities: the not for profit Team Warthog Foundation, created to conceptualize, fund, and execute meaningful programs aimed directly at supporting the privateers; and Wonder Warthog Enterprises (WWE), which focuses on merchandise and entertainment products based on the Wonder Warthog comic book character. The WWR website is at www.WonderWarthogRacing.comAbout MDK Motorsports and MDK Speed Equipment:
MDK Motorsports, LLC and MDK Speed Equipment, LLC are privately held companies and part of the MDK brand family of motocross related products and services. With 30 years of experience in Aerospace Engineering and a passion for high performance 4-stroke motocross bikes, MDK Speed Equipment delivers technology and products that have not been previously available to the general public.AS 9003 aerospace manufacturing protocols are used, along with countless hours of dyno, flow bench, and track testing to enable MDK SE to provide products and services that deliver great performance and durability. MDK Motorsports and MDK Speed Equipment are located in San Jose, California. For more information go to www.MDKMoto.com or www.MDKSpeed.comAbout DeCal Works:
Founded in 1989 by Ron and Janeen Joynt, DeCal Works has been the industry leader in pre-printed backgrounds and custom graphics for over 19 years. With a passion for racing, DeCal Works has since its early days, focused all its attention in supporting amateur and privateers riders."DeCal Works, The Original"www.decalmx.com