National Enduro Round 3 - Lafferty Wins! - Dirt Rider Magazine

Forest Hill, LA - Red Bull KTM Factory rider Mike Lafferty won his second race this season at the third round of the National Enduro Series over his toughest competitor and teammate Russell Bobbitt.The two teammates kept it as close as possible by finishing all six special tests within their minute causing the victor to be determined by mere seconds."The track conditions were great for us today considering the amount of rain they've had here over the past few weeks," commented Lafferty. The course was made up of one loop that had three special tests. After they ran the first three, the riders repeated those three tests to add up to six special tests for the day. "It's not typical for us to repeat tests," stated Lafferty. "However, I think we all benefited from it today. Once we went back to the tests the second time we had an advantage because we knew what to expect which ensured an easier course encouraging faster lap times."Lafferty and Bobbitt traded off special test wins. Lafferty won the first and Bobbitt won the second and so forth through the end. At the end of the day Lafferty, the 8-time National Enduro Champion, took home the win by a mere three seconds over Bobbitt. "I am glad to win this one. I was a little nervous since my wrist has still been sore from an injury two weeks ago, but I know Bobbitt was banged up this week too. I guess we always seem to keep it close, but that's what makes it so much fun," reported Lafferty.Overall Results:
1. M. Lafferty - KTM
2. R. Bobbitt - KTM

3. W. PalmerOverall Series Points:
1. M. Lafferty - 81
2. R. Bobbitt - 80****Next Event:
Round 4 - Fluvanna, TX - April 20, 2008