Extreme Sport Of Motorcycle Hillclimbing Comes To Carnegie State Park - Dirt Rider Magazine Online

"The series kicks off the pro hillclimb season against one of Mother Nature's most formidable vertical opponents, Harrison's Hill," says promoter George Horne, son of Hillclimbing icon Skip Horne.The Horne family is celebrating their 20th year promoting the California State Championships which officially gets started the weekend before the national as the Amateur series starts March 30th.This will be the first time in half a decade that anyone has attempted this world renowned incline.Harold Waddell, from Omaha, Nebraska went on to win the climb back in 2003. His ride on the famous hill was the stuff of legend as one of the most incredible displays of hillclimbing talent the sport had ever seen."Most of the competitors will never see the top of the hill," says National champ Waddell. "This is like something you see at the X-Games."Waddell will defend his third year as the number one rider in the country.Qualifying will begin at 9am on Saturday and the National will run from 9am-5pm on Sunday.The country's best Nitro-burning motorcycle riders will make their way to this event from all parts of the country."This is going to be an incredible event," said 5-time Hillclimb World Champion Kerry Peterson.More than 200 riders are expected to attend as they chase after over $100,000 in cash and prizes in the N.A.H.A. Series.For the opening round of the NAHA RacerX Suzuki Hillclimb Nationals [ http://www.skipspromotions.com/ , ticket information is available at www.Skipspromotions.com [ http://www.skipspromotions.com/ , by phone at 888-244-7547,Adult tickets are $15, Kids 7-12 are $10 Kids 6 and under are free. Gates open at 7am on both Saturday and Sunday.About N.A.H.A.: The North American Hillclimbers Association is a non-profit membership organization whose events are sanctioned by the American Motorcyclist Association.