MDK KTM's Martin Davalos Takes 3rd At Minneapolis Supercross - Dirt Rider Magazine

Minneapolis, MN - MDK KTM Factory rider Martin Davalos takes home a podium finish at the Minneapolis Supercross. MDK KTM Lites team rider Ryan Sipes picked up a hard earned fifth.Although the night ended well for Davalos and Sipes it wasn't as pleasant for MDK KTM Lites team rider Matt Goerke. Goerke was in good position to qualify in the first Lites Heat of the night when he suffered an unfortunate crash and DNF'd the moto. He came back in the LCQ but had worse luck and was not able to qualify into the main event.The second Lites Heat had Davalos and Sipes out front early. At one point Davalos was in 2nd with Sipes behind in 3rd. Unfortunately, Davalos crashed around the halfway mark and remounted in 8th. With the laps left he worked his way back into 5th qualifying into the main. Sipes had a few rough moments in the heat as well but was still able to transfer into the main with an 8th place finish.In the Supercross class Heat MDK KTM Factory rider, Nick Wey, got a great start coming out 5th after the first few turns. He stayed smooth and consistent and was able to finish 6th in his Heat.In the Lites main event the fans again saw Davalos grab another good start coming around the first turn in 4th. Sipes was able to salvage a mid-pack start and had to begin to pick riders off quickly to move through the pack and up toward the leaders. Davalos rode an impressive race moving into third place around the sixth lap. Meanwhile, the hard charging bike of Trey Canard was hot on his tail. Davalos and Canard battled for the last nine laps back and forth. The crowd was on their feet as they stayed within half a bike length of one another for the entire last half of the race. When the checkered flag dropped Davalos held off Canard and finished third overall for the night. Furthermore, Sipes showed incredible speed and strength as he had moved up behind the two earning a hard fought 5th place for the night. Sipes now sits third in overall points and Davalos moves into fifth.In the Supercross class main event Wey suffered a poor start finishing the first lap in 17th. However, he quickly began to pick riders off and by the end of the first few laps had moved into 12th position. Unfortunately, this was short-lived as Wey got tangled with approximately four other riders around the halfway mark. This crash put him in near dead last by the time he was up and going again. Wey tried the best he could to gain ground on the riders ahead of him but was only able to catch back up to 15th by the end of the race. Wey now sits 10th in overall points.Minneapolis Lites Supercross Results:
1. R. Villopoto
2. J. Grant
3. M. Davalos - KTM
4. T. Canard
5. R. Sipes - KTM
6. T. Bowers
7. R. Morias
8. K. Partridge
9. N. Izzi
10. B. PayneEast Lites Overall Series Points:
1. T. Canard - 93
2. R. Villopoto - 69
3. R. Sipes - 67
4. N. Izzi - 54
5. M. Davalos - 53
Minneapolis Supercross Results:
1. J. Hill
2. R. Dungey
3. K. Windham
4. A. Short
5. T. Hahn
6. D. Millsaps
7. C. Reed
8. D. Vuillemin
9. T. Preston
10. N. Ramsey
11. P. Carpenter
12. C. Summey
13. E. Sorby
14. H. Voss
15. N. Wey - KTM
16. T. Bright
17. J. Gibson
18. D. Klatt
19. J. Thomas
20. M. Rivas
21. B. JohnsonOverall Supercross Series Points:
1. C. Reed - 237
2. K. Windham - 220
3. A. Short - 172
4. D. Millsaps - 164
5. T. Ferry - 137
6. J. Hill - 135
7. N. Ramsey - 134
8. D. Vuillemin - 115
9. P. Carpenter - 97
10. N. Wey - 95 Next Event: Toronto Supercross Saturday March 29, 2008