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They came, they saw but they couldn't beat David Knight. Despite Poland's Taddy Blazusiak, Frenchman Cyril Despres and Britain's Wayne Braybrook, Paul Edmondson and Tom Sagar all taking to the start of Britain's premier extreme sprint hare scramble with high hopes of victory, the '08 edition of The Tough One was dominated by reigning US GNCC and US Endurocross champion David Knight. Winning the event for a fourth consecutive time Knighter showed exactly why he is the world's number one extreme competitor having put on a fantastic display of speed, endurance and determination.But Knighter didn't have things all his own way, and surprisingly his closest challenger wasn't any of the expected extreme specialists entered into the event. Michael Brown, winner of the Speed Trial competition, not only took upthe challenge of competing in The Tough One but also caught and past Knighter to earned himself 1000 for leading the event at the one-hour mark. Able to weave his way around the technical course with relative ease on his Beta trials bike Michael impressed many with his fluid riding and gritty determination.But with Michael only permitted to compete up until the one-hour mark it was Knighter that was to dominate, despite the best efforts of Blazusiak,Braybrook and Edmondson. With Taddy making several mistakes during the opening laps the Pole was unable to compete against Knight who was never headed at the front of the Pro class. Proving once again to be the master of Nantmawr Quarry Knight claimed a popular win with Blazusiak and Braybrook joining him on the podium.Every bit as exciting as The Tough One was the Gas Gas UK Speed Trialevent. With Steve Colley hoping to repeat his '07 victory the Manxman had a disappointing event only managing to place sixth. With competition close at the sharp end of the class Michael Brown claimed a deserved win ahead of Graham Jarvis and Alex Wigg. With just over one minute separating Brown from Jarvis after one-and-a-half hours of action packed racing there was no doubt that the Speed Trial event was again a great success.Not to be forgotten the courageous Clubman riders that took up the challenge of getting the day's racing activities underway also provided their own unique style of entertainment with Kevin Harris topping the class. With the course simply too tough for many Kevin, along with five other riders, managed to complete six demanding laps. With Thomas Hick the runner-up youngster Joe Deakin showed that bigger isn't always better as he piloted his 85cc KTM to a deserved third place result.WOR Event's Steve Ireland: "It was a fantastic day. Last year's event was great apart from the weather, but this year we had great weather and great racing. The Speed Trial saw some amazing action and then the main Tough One event was unbelievable. David Knight and Michael Brown put on a fantastic show for the spectators, and both proved just how good they are."The buzz inside the quarry was fantastic. Having Taddy and Cyril compete added to the excitement but David Knight was just amazing. Now a four-time winner of the event he showed just how good he is and showed why he is the world's number one."As good as the event was in some ways I'm a little sad because I'm not sure if we'll return to Nantmawr Quarry for The Tough One in '09. I'll have a good think about it in the coming weeks and months but it might be time to find a new home for the event. I'd like to thank everyone who came along and supported the event, the riders, the sponsors, the spectators and especially the WOR Events team."Results - WOR Events The Tough One '08 WOR Events The Tough One Pro class
1. David Knight (KTM) 14 laps; 2. Taddy Blazusiak (KTM) 14 laps; 3. Wayne Braybrook (Gas Gas) 13 laps; 4. Paul Edmondson (Suzuki) 13 laps; 5. Tom Sagar (KTM) 12 laps; 6. Paul Bolton (Honda) 12 laps; 7. Cyril Despres (KTM) 12 laps; 8. Gordon Crockard (Gas Gas) 12 laps; 9. Greg Evans (KTM) 11 laps; 10. Juan Knight (Gas Gas) 11 laps; 11. Rob Wrayford (Gas Gas) 10 laps; 12. Justin Wilson (Yamaha) 10 laps; 13. Ashley Wood (Honda) 10 laps; 14. Andy Cripps (Kawasaki) 10 laps; 15. Lincoln Brewster (Gas Gas) 9 laps; 16. Jason Thomas (Suzuki) 9 laps; 17. Michael Brown (Beta) 8 laps; 18. Sam Connor (Husqvarna) 8 laps; 19. Andrew Edwards (KTM) 8 laps; 20. Euan McConnell (TM) 7 laps; 21. Chris Tett (Honda) 7 laps; 22. Carl Tiley (TM) 7 laps; 23. Rowland Morris (Yamaha) 6 laps; 24. Geoff walker (KTM) 4 laps; 25. Craig Bounds (Yamaha) 3 lapsWOR Events The Tough One Expert class
1. Rob Pollard (KTM) 11 laps; 2. Lee Sampson (Husqvarna) 8 laps; 3. Rob Reese (KTM) 8 laps; 4. Wayne Mundell (KTM) 8 laps; 5. Gordon Clarke (TM) 7 laps; 6. Thomas Hick (?) 7 laps; 7. Martin Craven (KTM) 6 laps; 8. Ben Wotton (Honda) 6 laps; 9. Stephen Foord (Husqvarna) 6 laps; 10. Bradley King (Gas Gas) 5 laps; 11. Jason Crossland (Honda) 5 laps; 12. Alun Jones (KTM) 5 laps; 13. Harry Hillas (KTM) 5 laps; 14. Ben Begbie (KTM) 3 laps; 15. John Pearson (Suzuki) 2 laps; 16. Craig Reynolds (Yamaha) 2 laps; 17. Kev Rogers (KTM) 2 laps; 18. Warren Hazlett (KTM) 1 lapWOR Events Gas Gas Speed Trial class
1. Michael Brown. (Beta) 12 laps; 2. Graham Jarvis (Sherco) 12 laps; 3. Alex Wigg (Montesa) 12 laps; 4. Sam Connor (Beta) 12 laps; 5. Ross Danby (Gas Gas) 12 laps; 6. Steve Colley (Gas Gas) 12 laps; 7. Sam Haslam (Gas Gas) 12 laps; 8. Lee Sampson (Sherco) 12 laps; 9. Jack Challoner (Beta) 11 laps; 10. Gary Jenkins (Sherco) 11 laps; 11. Aled Price (Gas Gas) 10 laps; 12. Russell Rooksby (Montesa) 10 laps; 13. Jim Barrie (Beta) 9 laps; 14. Stu Day (Gas Gas) 9 laps; 15. Darrenn Williams (Gas Gas) 8 laps; 16. Ben Hemingway (Beta) 7 laps; 17. Andy Cripps (Gas Gas) 2 laps; 18. Ian Coburn (Beta) 2 laps; 19. Juan Knight (Ossa) 1 lap;WOR Events Clubman Tough One
1. Kevin Harris (KTM) 6 laps; 2. Thomas Hick (Husqvarna) 6 laps; 3. Joe Deakin (KTM) 6 laps; 4. Gary Daniels (KTM) 6 laps; 5. Gary McCoy (KTM) 6 laps; 6. Mike Evans (KTM) 6 laps; 7. Nathan Bolton (KTM) 5 laps; 8. Mark Pickard (Yamaha) 5 laps; 9. Michael Briggs (Honda) 5 laps; 10. Marcus Jones (KTM) 5 laps; 11. Richard Blunt (Honda) 5 laps; 12 Findley White (KTM) 5 laps; 13. Dan Lawry (KTM) 5 laps; 14. Craig Parkes (KTM) 4 laps; 15. Nick Royle (KTM) 4 laps; 16. Mark Woodvine (KTM) 4 laps; 17. Greg Hodge (KTM) 4 laps; 18. Joe Mitchinson (KTM) 4 laps; 19. Josh Taylor (Yamaha) 4 laps; 20. Carwyn John (KTM) 4 laps; 21. Matt Bryant (KTM) 4 laps; 22. Dave Edwards (KTM) 4 laps; 23. Jamie Robinson (Husqvarna) 4 laps; 24. Eifion Davies (KTM) 4 laps; 25. Alastair Crocket (KTM) 3 laps