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Submitted February 6, 2008 by Harmony LongstrethAlmost one week ago, Dave Derosier-mechanic and long time friend and supporter of Gavin Gracyk-was run down by a car while crossing the street in the Corona area of California. His injuries consist of various broken bones including to his face, as well as head trauma. At the time of admittance, doctors determined it was best to place Dave in a medically induced coma to stabilize his critical condition. Over the last week, tests have proved encouraging and Dave has been weaned off these medications. Doctors have advised there is no "time line" for Dave to regain consciousness from the coma and that it could be today, tomorrow, next week, or longer; however, his wife Sarah confirmed exciting news that on Tuesday he opened one eye and showed some signs of responsiveness. The medical staff has ordered a special bed in an attempt to keep him as comfortable as possible during this period. Sarah is at Dave's side, waiting anxiously for him to awaken, and as a medical professional herself, is ensuring he receives excellent care.Dave still faces a long, tough road to recovery. Once strong enough, he will undergo reconstructive surgery to repair the broken bones throughout his face. There are no promises as to when or how Dave will recover from his current coma state. We pray that soon Dave and Sarah can make the 3000 mile trip back home to Massachusetts.Sarah and Gavin have been trying their best to respond to calls and questions regarding Dave's condition; however, the number of calls has become overwhelming and http://www.cycraracing.com/frontpage.html?E+scstore will be released on the web as they become pertinent and available. At this time, Dave is not permitted to have visitors but letters of encouragement, thoughts, and prayers can be directed to:
Riverside Community Hospital
Patient: Dave Derosier-ICU
4445 Magnolia Avenue
Riverside, CA 92501A http://motocross.com/photos/f/8006.html has been released of the hit and run suspect and the full news story and description of the vehicle and suspect are available http://www.pe.com/localnews/inland/stories/PE_News_Local_C_chit05.4007815.html. Anyone who may be able to provide information to assist in the arrest of these individuals is encouraged to contact the Corona Police Department at 951-736-2355.