The Motorex Air Filter Cleaning Kit - New Products - ATV Rider Magazine

In extreme conditions, the air filter is the lifeline to your engine. If the filter is improperly maintained and without a proper coating of filter oil, the dirt might enter the intake tract causing poor performance, or worse, cause severe engine damage.Many riders traditionally clean their filter with fuel this unsafe for the person cleaning and also for the bike. The fuel can dissolve the interfacial adhesives of the filter allowing the foam plastic to become porous.The MOTOREX Air Filter Cleaning Kit provides all the tools required for convenient, quick and ecologically sound air filter maintenance. It includes a four liter container of the highly efficient and bio-degradable MOTOREX Air Filter Cleaner, one liter of the excellently adherent Air Filter Oil 206, a 100-g-container of Grease 2000, a large bucket with draining grid for air filter cleaning and a small bucket for filter oiling. It also includes ten latex gloves and two MOTOREX stickers. Due to the new MOTOREX Air Filter Cleaning Kits compact size it can be transported easily. Plus, it contains an illustrated in-depth manual.The cleaning process is simple: Jjust pour the Air Filter Cleaner into the large bucket and knead the foam filter in the cleaner till all the oil and dirt is removed. Then rinse the filter with water and let it dry. Thoroughly lubricate the filter in the small bucket and remove the excess oil by gentle kneading. After a short drying period the filter can be re-installed. Make sure to apply the Grease 2000 around the filter lip in order to keep dust from intruding past the air filter.MOTOREX Air Filter Cleaning Kit is available starting October 2007 at powersports dealerships with a suggested retail price of $