Malcolm Smith And JN Roberts Competing In 40th Baja 1000 - Dirt Rider Magazine

WILDOMAR, CALIFORNIA. Forty years ago, the first Mexican 1000 was run, traversing 1000 miles from Tijuana to La Paz. Little did Malcolm Smith and JN Roberts know how this race, and their first 2-wheel victory on a 1967 360 Husqvarna two-stroke motorcycle would be etched into the history books, and would become the story of legend. Since that first race, the event has grown to become The Tecate SCORE Baja 1000, "the granddaddy of `em all," attracting hundreds of entries from around the world. Today it has become the single most important achievement of a desert racer, 2-wheel or 4-wheel, just to say "I've finished!"We wind the clock 40 years ahead to 2007, with Malcolm Smith and JN Roberts teaming up once again to compete on a 2007 Husqvarna TC 510. FULL CIRCLE. With age, priorities change, but the competitive streak is still burning hot. Both men are not only competing on 301X, The Malcolm Smith Motorsports / Sunstar Racing For Life Offroad Team (, but Malcolm will lead off later in the morning on the KORE Team Dodge Hemi entry, while JN will jump aboard 601X, The Redefining What's Possible Team, spearheading an effort to capture the 60+ SCORE season championship.A key priority for the Racing For Life Team is its pledge to raise money and awareness for The Scleroderma Foundation, The Lance Armstrong Foundation and The Malcolm Smith Motorsports Foundation. A fully restored 1967 Husqvarna 360, restored to race condition as won by Malcolm and JN 40 years ago, will be auctioned off in January at the Mid America Vintage Motorcycle Auction along with the 2007 Husqvarna, with the net proceeds be donated to the three charities. JN Roberts and Jim Filanc, Racing For Life Team co-captain with Malcolm Smith, are both cancer survivors and are on a mission to help find a cure for cancer.In JN Roberts' own words "I'm stoked" to be competing again this year.Malcolm will lead off in Ensenada, getting underway just before 7 AM on race day, November 13, 2007. Down course he will switch with JN, with full aerial and ground coverage provided by Corporate Helicopters and Pinned TV ( JN will continue the race where he will switch off with Kent Richardson in Ojos Negros, continuing down course to Santo Domingo. A TV special will air December 23 on Pinned TV in the San Diego, Las Vegas and Phoenix cable tv markets retelling the story of that first race 40 years ago and featuring Malcolm and JN in this year's race. In October 2007, Malcolm and JN joined Larry Monir, Rod Hall, Ray Harvick, Dick Hansen, John Barnes and Bruce Meyers in Anza, California to film personal interviews and recollections of that first race in 1967. All these men either competed or built winning vehicles for the first race.Bruce Meyers built the winning 4-wheel Meyers Manx, piloted to overall victory by Vic Wilson and Ted Mangels. Look for the highlight fireside bench racing session between these legends!Jim Filanc will complete the race, bringing 301X, The Julia Lynn II, into Cabo San Lucas sometime on November 14. The Julia Lynn II is named in memory of his sister, Julia Lynn Filanc who passed away from cancer on October 4, 2005. A special memorial decal has been affixed to the front fender memorializing his brother, Peter Filanc, who also passed away from cancer earlier this year on May 9, 2007. Peter and Jim started riding in Baja California in 1969.Look for Malcom Smith and JN Roberts making history one more time. FULL CIRCLE.NEWS FLASH!!! - Dick Hansen and John Barnes to ride with Racing For Life. Dick Hansen and John Barnes finished just behind Malcolm and JN in that first race 40 years ago, finishing 3rd overall and 2nd motorcycle. Dick and John have agreed to join the Racing For Life team with Malcolm and JN. They will complete a key segment of the race between Gonzaga Bay and Bay of LA, passing through Coco's Corner. #1 and #2 from that first race joining forces 40 years later for charity!!!