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Advance, North Carolina (September 25, 2007, 2007) - Top people from the motorcycle industry give their uncut opinions and race stories. Get your weekly motorcycle information live from Pit Pass Radio. The show airs every Tuesday from 5-7 pm Pacific, 6-8 pm Mountain, 7-9 pm Central, and 8-10 pm Eastern at www.pitpassradio.com.
Radio Show for Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Hours 7 pm to 9 pm cstPit Pass Radio - Weekly Moto Talk ShowJustin Brayton
After making his debut as a factory KTM rider at the U.S. Open Justin is excited for the Supercross season to start. We will talk about his finish in Las Vegas and discuss the upcoming indoor season.Ty Ribovich
Ty runs the support department and attends all the amateur nationals. He most recently was in Branson for the annual event. We will find out who we should be watching in the next few years.Chris Van Andel
Motion Pro is one of the leaders in the motorcycle industry when it comes to tools, controls, and cables and used by many of the top offroad, motocross, and road- race teams. We have invited Chris Van Andel, who has been with Motion Pro for over 5 years, to join us on the program. He will be speaking about product development and how the race teams that use Motion Pro help design and improve future products.Rick Johnson
We are very pleased to have the legend RJ back on the program. Its been a couple years since we've spoken to him and he has been very busy. From schools to racing trucks and even a tv show, Rick Johnson has managed to stay somewhat in the lime light several years after his very accomplished motocross racing career ended.Paul LeMere
Paul is VP of operations at Powermadd, a hand guard manufacturer for offroad motorcycles and ATV's. They recently became the importer of Polysport, the plastic company, for the U.S. We will talk about how things are going since the addition of the new brand to his company. Crew at Pit Pass Radio - Scott Casber, Tony Wenck, Tony "Ticeman" Tice, Jeremy Shonning and Ed Kuhlenkamp, Build-MomentumPit Pass Radio is a syndicated motorcycle talk-radio show heard across the U.S. on radio stations and around the world via the internet at www.pitpassradio.com.If you have any questions you can call in. The call in # for tonight's show is toll free 866-333-5966 or 515-284-5966.The show airs every Tuesday from 5-7 pm Pacific, 6-8 pm Mountain, 7-9 pm Central, and 8-10 pm Eastern at www.pitpassradio.com.