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FRANCIACORTA, 30 September 2007- It was announced today that the 2009 edition of the FIM Motocross of Nations will take place at the Autodromo Daniel Bonara in Franciacorta. The incredible facility in the North of Italy played host to its first World Championship meeting today, with a successful second edition of the FIM SuperMoto of Nations, but in two years it will be the scenery of the 63rd edition of the FIM Motocross of Nations, which will come back to Italy after a long absence -the last Motocross of Nations on Italian soil was run at Maggiora in 1986.Giuseppe Luongo, Youthstream President, stated: "I am very excited as all the parties involved are totally committed to the final goal, which is organizing the best race ever. This track has high quality facilities already, but for the Motocross of Nations there will be a fantastic parking, a fantastic paddock area, a brand new Motocross track matching all FIM's and our requirements. We aim at showing another level of the Motocross of Nations, with a big improvement on the structures, on the facilities, on the media coverage and so on. This is a dream come true, where Youthstream, the Italian Federation, our Italian promoter DBO and this circuit will make the race of the century." Dr. Wolfgang Srb, FIM/CMS President, said: "I am very happy that the 2009 FIM Motocross of Nations will arrive to Franciacorta; when we first saw the venue, we noticed all its great potential. In the meeting between the track's owner Mr. Ettore Bonara, Youthstream and especially Youthstream's track designer Greg Atkins a lot of ideas have come out and I was very impressed when Mr. Bonara firmly said he wanted the best Motocross track in the World." Danilo Boccadolce, DBO General Manager, continued: "I am very proud of this decision, which will involve us completely. After the latest two successful editions of the event in Great Britain and in the United States we have to give our best for this new challenge. It is an important choice, it is a new location which will give us the chance of doing exactly what Youthstream and FIM ask us for. We have been waiting for this event to come back to Italy for more than 20 years, and we will make it look great!" Paolo Sesti, FMI President, ended: "The Motocross of Nations will be back in Italy after a long absence, but the event coming back to us in 2009 will be much different than Maggiora's one. Those were other times, now we have different needs, different requirements, different problems to solve. We need huge spaces for the teams, the industries, the sponsors and of course for the crowd. We had to find a place matching all these requirements and we found it in the Autodromo Daniel Bonara at Franciacorta."Event information: The FIM Motocross of Nations is the most prestigious off road motorcycle race in the world and features teams competing by nationality to accumulate a combined score. The 2007 Motocross of Nations was held in Budd's Creek, Maryland, USA, and the 2008 Motocross of Nations will be in Moneyglass Demesne, Northern Ireland.The Autodromo Daniel Bonara: The facility was built into a cave, on an area of 500.000 square metres, which is 12 metres under the street level. The quality of the structures, including lots of grandstands and parking's, a restaurant, an indoor kart track, a conference centre, a drive test area and a music club, is first class.The area of Franciacorta: This area is located between the city of Brescia, the Lake Iseo, and the border with the Pianura Padana, the biggest flatland in the North of Italy. The ground of this area is perfect from growing the grapes, and the whole area names the famous Franciacorta wine. Brescia is the closest big city to the track (about 30 kilometres East), and hosts the Franciacorta Festival -an event to preserve and promote the local product. Brescia is also linked to motorsports, as it played host to the first car GP in Italy and to the historic Mille Miglia. USEFUL LINKS FIM FMI-Federazione Motociclistica Italiana DBO Organization Autodromo di Franciacorta "Daniel Bonara" Brescia Tourism Information, photos and results are online at <../../MX/MXGPS%202007/MXoN/PRESS%20RELEASES/PREVIEW/> , the official website of the FIM Motocross World Championships. Youthstream is the company that manages the exclusive television, marketing and promotional world wide rights of the FIM Motocross World Championship, the FIM Motocross of Nations, the FIM SuperMoto World Championship, the FIM SuperMoto of Nations, the FIM Snowcross World Championship, the UEM Motocross European Championship and the UEM SuperMoto European Championship.