AMA Supercross Rider Kevin Windham - Dirt Rider Magazine

Watching Kevin Windham ride a motorcycle is like watching birds fly through the sky. He has such an effortless riding style and just glides around the obstacles on the track. Kevin has had a remarkable career racing motocross and supercross. He's won a lot of races over the years and some championships. Let's see what K-Dub has been up to.Kevin, how are things?
Things are really good.Are you going to compete in the Rockstar Energy Drink US Open this year?
I hope so because it's an event that I really like to do but we have another baby due October 2nd so it's pretty close to the US Open.This is your third baby, right?
Yes and I have two other girls Madeline and Anabelle.Are you hoping it's a boy?
Honestly, it doesn't matter to me. My two girls have been wonderful and they have me wrapped around their finger. I will tell you that its been a lot of fun raising my girls.This year is the 10th anniversary, how many have you participated in?
That's a good question because I'm not very good on stats. I know I've done at least five and last year I had some good success winning the Fast Lap one night.What did you think of the format last year with the Trifecta?
I liked it because I walked away with the $10,000 the one night (laughs). But you have to have a perfect weekend to pull off the Trifecta.What do you about the Lites and Supercross riders going for the overall this year?
It seems to be a popular fad right now.What bike do you think is better?
It just depends. I know the starts are important but those 250f's are holding their own on the track. The US Open is tight so the smaller bikes will have the advantage but if there's an obstacle that they can't do then the bigger bikes will have the advantage. We just have to wait and see.Did you like having different tracks every night?
I really like it because it keeps the crowd into it. Plus, one rider might excel on one track and not the other.Why do you think fans should come and check out this race?
For me, I'm a fan of racing but I really like Vegas. I like being in the action of Vegas.What makes it so different from the Supercross Finals also held in Vegas?
The US Open is unique because it's something you only see once a year. The location is what sells it for me because you're in the heart of Vegas.Any final notes for the fans?
If you want to have a good time, and see some good racing, then come to the US Open.