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Historical Slane Castle, Ireland was the spectacular setting for the second leg of the Red Bull X-Fighters tour 2007. 35,000 enthusiastic spectators were watching, cheering and yelling big time as US-American FMX superhero Travis Pastrana ruled the technical freestyle track set-up at Slane ahead of impressive Swiss rider Mat Rebeaud and youngstar Dany Torres from Spain.Launching themselves off some super high kicker ramps more than 12 metres into the air were ten of the world's most respected freestyle motocross riders at the Red Bull X-Fighters' second tour stop 2007 at Slane Castle, Ireland."Anything is possible" was what all the riders had confirmed before they entered the new freestyle track set-up at the foot of the castle. It was technically challenging and included a big quarterpipe. Anyone of these hardy souls on their 250ccm bikes could have been among the top three in the contest. However, everyone knew that you can never count out super progressive Mr Double Backflip Travis Pastrana. Being back in the line-up of the Red Bull X-Fighters it was doubtful that he would ride easy.Displaying some incredible courage, technique, style and airtime all athletes competed in a passionate freestyle battle to excel and hit the podium. Among the judging criteria were difficulty, execution and variety of tricks, usage of course, style and overall impression. Again, the 35,000 spectator crowd had a big say in the judging of a rider's presentation so owner of Slane Castle, Lord Henry Mount Charles, acted as the judge of the spectators' voice.A massive Superflip, Indian Air, No Footed Air off the quarterpipe, Saran Wrap Flip, Heelclicker Flip, Can Can Flip Side Saddle Lander off the huge in-jump at the castle, a Superman on the way up the step-up and a number of more impressive tricks earned Pastrana victory.Watch all the highlights of the Red Bull X-Fighters, Slane Castle.

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