Memo Tours Sets Up A Service Team For The Rally Le Dakar 2008 - Dirt Rider Magazine

Memo Tours decided to set up a service team for the rally Le Dakar 2008. We want to offer a total package for riders from outside Europe, like riders from USA, Canada, Down Under, Japan and South America.This concept is designed for riders who want to ride Le Dakar but do not have time and knowledge to built a Le Dakar rally motorcycle, arrange shipment etc. (time-consuming and expensive)Memo Tours is involved in Enduro for 15 years and due to this knowledge and experience we think we can offer a big contribution to this project. Off road riding is our full time occupation all over Europe. We also included rally riding to our package. As you can see, we are a very experienced company that knows what off road riders want.MEMO TOURS TOTAL PACKAGE LE DAKAR
We will take care of everything as soon as you arrive in Lisbon.You will be picked up from the airport and transport will be arranged to your hotel, and start of the event. We will also assist with the paperwork involved. Of course we will be there during the race to Dakar.In October/November Memo Tours will organize their annual Raid in the dessert (if sufficient entries). This is a good opportunity for the Dakar rider to get used to his bike and to do some testing. (Costs 1.990.--Euro air fair to the Raid not included) Prior to the event it is possible to come over to the Netherlands to test and prepare the motorcycle. We find it important to do this in the Netherlands because we have all facilities to test the motorcycle and do the necessary personal adjustments on site.The service team will consist of 5 persons, 2 truck drivers and 3 mechanics. They will follow the race in a truck and a pick up truck to transport all material and service parts. There will be a bigger service team if the number of riders gets above a certain number.The service team is very experienced. The truck (Ginaf) and Pick up truck (Nissan) are specially prepared to compete in Le Dakar and to our knowledge the best we can get.MOTORCYCLE
We will provide a rally motorcycle that will be competitive for Le Dakar. It will be hand built according to the newest standard and latest technology.We will provide you with a KTM 525 EXC with a rally kit from Meca'system.These motorcycles will be hand built by our mechanics and will be ready for the riders in competitive condition.The mechanics will know the motorcycle through en through, he exactly knows every bolt and screw on the motorcycle.Memo Tours decided to go for KTM because it is a very light rally motorcycle, it has good steering qualities, this means very easy to handle in the sand. Another advantage is that all parts of KTM and Meca' systems will be available in the factory trucks during the rally.Due to the large number of Dutch competitors in previous Le Dakar rally's the experience with rally motorcycles in The Netherlands has grown to top-level. Because of this large number of riders, rally parts are widely available in The Netherlands.SERVICETRUCK AND PICK-UP TRUCK
We will provide service with a specially prepared Ginaf truck for Le Dakar the name Ginaf is by now very well known in Le Dakar. Ginaf is known for its reliability and is a very strong truck. It is also good to know that the Ginaf factory will provide a service truck for all Ginaf trucks that compete in Le Dakar.The Pick up truck is a Nissan 4x4. The mechanics will be transported in this pick up truck during Le Dakar. We made this choice because of the 175 horse power and a top speed of 180 km/hour. This will ensure the mechanics can be available quickly. This pick up will also carry spare parts in case of problems with the truck.PRICE
Le Dakar is the biggest and toughest rally sport event in the World.This makes it also a very expensive event.For the Total package the costs are 55.000, -- Euro. Included are: motorcycle, service during Le Dakar and entry fee.Not included: the costs for the air fair to Lisbon and from Dakar.Parts needed from the service truck will be invoiced to the rider against dealer costs. (10.000,-- Euro deposit for this service)It is possible to purchase the motorcycle as Le Dakar is finished. The price will be 7.500,-- Euro. (transport to the country the riders lives in not included).If you want more information, please contact us.(it is possible to ride another brand motorcycle if you want)Due to the popularity of this event, we need to have your application before June 1st 2007. After that we can not guarantee your participation in this event.