Red Bull Last Man Standing Course Preview - News - Dirt Rider Magazine

The Red Bull Last Man Standing event coming up this weekend in Texas looks like it's shaping up to be the gnarly, "merciless terrain" it is touted to be. The Last Man Standing is a four-stage elimination event. The course is 40 miles of the toughest stuff they could find - steep, rocky uphill climbs and descents, tight trees, 100 mph straight-aways, loamy dirt and sugar sand.How it WorksAll 200 invited riders start the first loop. The top 100 finishers go on to the second lap, then after an hour break, the top 50 riders start the third lap which runs at night - backwards on the same 40 mile course. The top 25 riders then complete one more lap after which one winner will be crowned.Invited riders include:Cole Calkins
David Knight
Elmer Symmons
Fred Hoess
Geoff Aaron
Guy Cooper
Guy Perrett
Jeff Fredette
Jimmy Lewis (of course!)
Jimmy Jarrett
Joshua McLevy
Justin Williamson
Luke Dodson
Matt Stavish
Mike Lafferty
Nathan Kanney
Patrick GarrahanCheck back on early next week to find out what happens, and who the "Last Man Standing" will be.