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Dear San Diego Motocross Riders and Families,As you know, World Motoplex is developing a state-of-the-art indoor motocross track in North San Diego. This new facility will have a main track that is about the same size as an AMA Supercross course with vet and pro lines for riders of all abilities. It will also have a super mini-track for kids. Both tracks will feature electronic timing systems, accurate to 100th of a second, and full-time video capture so you can review each practice lap in detail, capture your first tail-whip, or remind your buddy over and over again just how fast you really flew by him!

You might have heard that the first 15 acre site in San Marcos we selected has received a lot of opposition from a few members of San Elijo. This isn't slowing us down one bit.We are already working on a great new site in Vista just a 5 minute drive from I-78!! This new facility would have two large indoor motocross tracks and fitness center open 7 days a week. We could have this one operational in a matter of months while we continue to gain support for the 15 acre action sports center in San Marcos.We already know we pass sound, environmental, traffic, fire and engineering requirements. Now we need to demonstrate to the City Council, the community, and ourselves exactly how many supporters and riders we actually have in San Diego County.If you want to have a facility like this in San Diego like we do, we need to know that you are committed to becoming a member before we open. It won't cost you anything to pre-enroll online right now, but it tells us that we will have the support we need to sign the multi-million dollar leases and apply for liability insurance. Please log onto: and register yourself as a supporter or if you are serious about it, please pre-enroll yourself as a member now.The new Vista site could be a reality in as few as 4-6 months with enough rider support!Please log onto to now to register. Please e-mail this to all your friends and family members to register also.Thank you for your time and support!!