ISDE Day 6 - News - Dirt Rider Magazine

US Trophy Team rider Kurt Caselli finished out the toughest ISDE in years with an impressive second place in the final moto of the E2 class. He cruised to an easy finish on the fast, hilly motocross track. "I got a really good start, and I think that helped me a lot. It reminds me of the 125cc Nationals at home where whoever gets a good start is going to do well," Caselli said, "We had a big enough lead right from the beginning that I just kind of cruised around after that."Caselli earned himself a gold medal and sixth overall with his strong finish. Another American, veteran rider Fred Hoess, also earned a gold medal. He had to fight all the way to the finish for it, though. A bad crash in the final moto left him battered on a limping bike. He toughed it out and finished to earn his 12th ISDE gold medal.It was a good day for the Italians as they finished on top in the World Trophy, Junior World Trophy and Club divisions. Second in the World Trophy went to Finland followed by Sweden. The US rounded out the top ten in World Trophy and placed eighth in the Junior World Trophy.KTM's David Knight from the Isle of Man turned out a near-flawless performance in the E3 class, dominating every day of the event. He is now the first British rider to ever overall the Six Days.Unofficial standings after Day SixWorld Trophy
1. Italy
2. Finland
3. Sweden
4. Great Britain
5. Australia
6. Slovakia
7. Czech Republic
8. Portugal
9. Netherlands
10. USAJunior World Trophy
1. Italy
2. France
3. Finland
4. Sweden
5. Slovakia
6. Czech Republic
7. Australia
8. USAClub
1. Motoclub Lumezzane/Italy
2. MotoKlub Jiretin--Pfanner/Czech Republic
3. KTM Polska & Motoklub Olsztyn/Poland
19. Desert M.C./USA (Teddy Hahn, Brandon Johnson, John Yates)
31. Boise Ridge Riders/USA (David Kamo, Rich Libengood, Derek Steahly)
37. Jafmar Racing/USA (Jeff Fredette, Jay Hall, J.D. Hammock)
42. New Jersey Ridge Riders/USA (Brian Barnes, Wes McKnight, Luke McNeil)
44. (Scott Bright, Dylan Debel, Daniel Janus)
46. Athens M.C./USA (Quinn Cody, Michael Jolly, Steve Morefield)
55. Missouri Mudders/USA (Donald Murray, Rick Thomas, Lars Valin)
62. Merced Dirt Riders/USA (Erc Ducray, Mark Johnson, Rich Jung)Class E1 (individual)
1. Bartosz Oblucki/Poland
2. Alessandro Belometti/Italy
3. Simone Albergoni/Italy
24. Fred Hoess/USA (gold)
33. Wally Palmer/USA (silver)
56. David Kamo/USA (silver)
57. Luke McNeil/USA (silver)Class E2 (individual)
1. Stefan Merriman/Australia
2. Samuli Aro/Finland
3. Paul Edmondson/Great Britain
6. Kurt Caselli/USA (gold)
33. Jimmy Jarrett/USA (silver)
69. Russell Bobbitt/USA (silver)
71. Brandon Johnson/USA (silver)
73. Ryan Powell/USA (silver)
78. Jeff Fredette/USA (silver)
110. Lars Valin/USA (bronze)
111. Michael Jolly/USA (bronze)
122. J.D. Hammock/USA (bronze)Class E3 (individual)
1. David Knight/Great Britain
2. Sebastien Guillaume/France
3. Alessandro Zanni/Italy
32. Aaron Kopp/USA (silver)
36. Jason Dahners/USA (silver)
40. Dylan Debel/USA (silver)
43. Cody Mastin/USA (silver)
48. Scott Bright/USA (bronze)
51. Quinn Cody/USA (bronze)
55. John Yates/USA (bronze)
63. Jay Hall/USA (bronze)