Enduro at Erzberg to Air on OLN - News - Dirt Rider Magazine

Imagine watching 1300 motorcycle riders risk their life through some of the most hazardous terrain inside Europe's largest iron mine. This is the site each year for the Enduro at Erzberg—35 kilometers of rugged and dangerous trial-based motorcycling that will take your breath away.Televised nationwide for the first time ever, we're following freestyle motocross stars Travis Pastrana, Ronnie Renner, Andy Bell as well as Dirt Rider Editor Jimmy Lewis and European enduro champions David Knight, Juha Salminen and Christian Pfeiffer. These guys will battle the odds and each other in the ultimate test of strength, endurance and skill for motorcycling's fittest. Freestyle motocross is a piece of cake compared to the challenges these guys will face.

NOTE: Out of 1300 riders who participate, less than 30 will finish. It's that brutal!

The Enduro at Erzberg airs this Thursday, 9/15, at 4pm EST (1pm PST) on Outdoor Life Network.