Mike Lafferty Wins Seventh National Enduro Championship - News - Dirt Rider Magazine

Mike Lafferty clinched his seventh National Enduro Championship today by winning his 6th straight enduro of the 2005 series.

The day started out a little slick from rain on Saturday, but it was very welcome to the drought-stricken area because by mid day the trails had tacked up to near perfect traction. All Lafferty needed was a 15th or better to secure his seventh title, but like all other champions you must try and win every race.

Eight test sections ranging around 6-miles each and one at about ten miles gave the riders plenty of challenge without completely wearing them out. It was the fifth, sixth and ninth sections that proved to be the deciding factor as Lafferty gained a point in each one of those sections over his competitors. The battle was hot and heavy behind him as Barber, Hatch, Anderson and Russell went back and forth all day with the later three being decided by sections.Mikes next race: Round 10 of the GNCC series in North Carolina on September 11.

||||| |---|---|---|---| Round 8, 2005 National Enduro Series Guysville, OH 8/28/05|1 |Mike Lafferty |KTM |16| |2 |John Barber |GG |19 | |3 |Steve Hatch |KAW |20| |4 |Jeff Anderson |KAW |20| |5 |Billy Russell |KTM |20 | | 6 |Steven Edmondson | KTM |21| |7 |David Lykke |KTM |22 | |8 |Mark Hyde |KTM |23| |9 |Rich Lafferty |KTM |25| |10 |Randy Hawkins |YAM |26|