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Carmichael really showed what he was made of—rubber apparently—after rebounding from one of the most spectacular crashes we've seen all season to take another overall victory. In the first moto of the Unadilla National, RC was landed on by a charging James Stewart. Carmichael got up not only to finish second, but went on to win the second moto and take the overall win. A 1-1 sweep in the 125 class by Makita Suzuki's Broc Hepler (followed by a 2-4 finish for second by teammate Davi Millsaps) made it a sweet day for Suzuki.An early crash in the first moto left Carmichael working through the pack and chasing down Stewart for the lead. And it looked like he had his work cut out for him as Stewart's lap times were matching Carmichael's. But as the moto wore on, Stewart began to slow down and Carmichael steadily reeled him in. RC finally overtook him for the lead, but Stewart wasn't about to relinquish that easily.As they came toward the downhill "ski jump," Stewart launched off the top, attempting to land ahead of Carmichael... but instead, landed on him. The front wheel of Bubba's KX250 went straight into Carmichael's back, sending them both to the ground in what was arguably the most spectacular crash so far this season. Amazingly, it was Carmichael who got up and finished the race while Stewart was carted off on Doc Bodnar's Mule."I'm not sure what happened in the first moto," said Carmichael, "I made a clean pass and then all I know is I got landed on and that's not fun. I don't like to race that way. I was really pumped from all the encouragement the fans were giving me and the fact that I was able to come back after being 18 seconds behind."Kevin Windham, who had been trailing in third place, got around the mess to take the lead, and win his first moto since the Broome-Tioga National in 2003. Carmichael finished 15 seconds off in second place followed by Chad Reed, David Vuillemin and Ernesto Fonseca.In the second moto, Kevin Windham took the early lead with Carmichael in second followed by Reed. Carmichael got around Windham on lap five and proceeded to check out. Windham held on for second place followed by Reed, Vuillemin and John Dowd.125 ClassThe 125 class saw yet another winner as Carmichael's Makita Suzuki teammate Broc Hepler took his first overall win at Unadilla with a 1-1 sweep. In the first moto, it was another Suzuki rider—Davi Millsaps—with the holeshot followed by Kawasaki's Matt Walker and Hepler.Hepler was patient and steady, making his way around Millsaps to take control of the race by the halfway point. Millsaps held on for second while Walker held off Alessi, Tedesco and Andrew Short for his first podium finish.The second moto saw Ivan Tedesco out front followed by Davi Millsaps, Andrew Short, Broc Hepler and Mike Alessi. A crash off the start left Grant Langston out of the running—he pulled off with "extensive pain to his previously injured right ankle."Again with a steady performance, Hepler began picking off front-runners to take the lead by the halfway point, and hold it to his second moto-win. In second place was Tedesco whose 5-2 finish landed him on the podium behind Millsaps (2-4). Andrew Short finished third in the second moto for a fourth overall finish followed by Mike Brown (7-5)."It feels great to get my first overall MX win and I'd like to thank the Makita Suzuki team for that," said Hepler. "Before the race, everyone was telling me to stay calm because that's been a problem. So I just played it cool and picked those guys off one at a time. This win is a big confidence booster for me and hopefully we can turn this thing around and get some more wins."Mid Season ReportUnadilla marks the halfway point of the AMA Motocross Championship Series, and so far, it's been an amazing season. In the 250 class, once again, it's Carmichael's year. Few can deny that he's simply incredible—especially after rebounding to win Unadilla. Nearly 350 pounds of bike and Bubba came down on top of him, but somehow Carmichael appeared unhurt, going on to win the second moto and the overall.Even after half a season, the Ricky vs. Bubba question has not fully been answered. James Stewart has had a mysterious season so far, pulling off the track mid-race, crashes, DNFs and a DNS (in the second moto at Unadilla). The step from the 125 class to the 250 class has proven difficult for Stewart, so the question still remains: Once Stewart reaches his potential in the 250 class, will he be able to beat Carmichael? The latest rumors say Stewart will show up at next week's Lakewood National aboard the new KX450F, with which he's been reportedly spinning 4-second-faster lap times.Will the outdoor season, like Supercross, show a turn-around in the second half? Will the playing field be leveled once Bubba's on his four-stroke, or will Ricky continue to dominate with his unbelievable strength and consistency? One thing is for sure: Ricky doesn't seem in the least bit worried about it. In fact, he seems amused and excited to have new competition."It's fun as hell out there!" said Carmichael after dicing with Bubba at the High Point National, "It was a heck of a race; it was great to get out there and battle. I love the challenge and I'm looking forward to some great races. That's what it's all about and the fans love it."In the 125 class, Honda's Mike Brown, who came on the scene at the last minute, is showing how consistency and experience can pay off. Although he only has one win to Langston's three, Brown continues to buffer his points lead over Ivan Tedesco (who actually has no wins thus far) and Mike Alessi (one win).Alessi has surprised many by showing a lot of consistency and patience this year, too—a complete 180 after his pro motocross debut last year. Alessi came into the 2005 season quietly with respect for his classmates in the 125 class (not jumping to the 250 class again). Even after a tangle with Langston cost him his first overall at Hangtown, Alessi had no angry words. Instead, he came back to take the overall at High Point. And though he hasn't had another overall win, Alessi's consistency has helped him climb the ranks. His 6-6 finish at Unadilla moved him up two places in points where he now sits in third.Ironically, Langston's collision with Alessi at Hangtown (which gave him the early points lead) has since cost him in the points standings. Although Langston has the most wins in the 125 class (three), he has also suffered two DNFs from his ankle injury coming back to haunt him (High Point and Unadilla). He is currently fourth overall behind Alessi in third and teammate Ivan Tedesco in second.OLN's scheduled programming of the AMA Motocross series has been altered for Tour de France coverage, but check for the upcoming broadcast schedule for the Unadilla National.Overall Results - 250 Class
1. Ricky Carmichael, Suzuki (2-1)
2. Kevin Windham, Honda (1-2)
3. Chad Reed, Yamaha (3-3)
4. David Vuillemin, Yamaha (4-4)
5. Ernesto Fonseca, Honda (5-6)
6. Michael Byrne, Kawasaki (7-7)
7. Travis Preston, Honda (6-8)
8. John Dowd, Suzuki (11-5)
9. Nick Wey, Honda (8-9)
10. Ryan Clark, Honda (9-11)
11. Mark Eastwood, Honda (12-14)
12. Jeff Dement, Suzuki (15-13)
13. Justin Buckelew, Honda 14-15)
14. Joshua Woods, Suzuki (35-10)
15. Juss Laansoo, Honda (10-25)
16. Jeff Gibson, Honda (16-16)
17. Casey Johnson, Suzuki (34-12)
18. Keith Johnson, Yamaha (17-17)
19. Matthew Goerke, Suzuki (13-38)
20. Barry Carsten, Suzuki (19-18)Overall Results - 125 Class
1. Broc Hepler, Suzuki (1-1)
2. Davi Millsaps, Suzuki (2-4)
3. Ivan Tedesco, Kawasaki (5-2)
4. Andrew Short, Honda (4-3)
5. Matt Walker, Kawasaki (3-10)
6. Mike Brown, Honda (7-5)
7. Mike Alessi, KTM (6-6)
8. Jason Lawrence, Suzuki (10-7)
9. Thomas Hahn, Honda (13-12)
10. Danny Smith, Yamaha (15-11)
11. Paul Carpenter, Kawasaki (19-9)
12. Billy Laninovich, Honda (22-8)
13. Robert Kiniry, Honda (8-34)
14. Ryan Sipes, Suzuki (9-31)
15. Joaquim Rodrigues, Honda (18-13)
16. Jessi Casillas, Honda (17-14)
17. Josh Grant, Honda (11-23)
18. Grant Langston, Kawasaki (12-37)
19. Kelly Smith, Yamaha (14-20)
20. Brock Sellards, Yamaha (16-19)

||||| |---|---|---|---| Points Standings - 250 Class|Pos. |Pts | Rider, hometown |Wins| |1 |294 |Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL | 6| |2 |223 |Kevin W Windham, Centreville, MS| | |3 |218 |Chad Reed, Dade City, FL| | |4 |184 |David Vuillemin, Corona, CA| | |5 |174 |Ernesto Fonseca, Murrieta, CA| | |6 |145 |Travis A Preston, Hesperia, CA| | |7 |144 |John Dowd, Ludlow, MA| | |8 |121 |Michael Byrne, Murrieta, CA| | |9 |118 |James M Stewart, Haines City, FL| | |10 | 105 |Nicholas Wey, Dewitt, MI| | |11 | 96 |Juss Laansoo, Chatsworth, CA| | |12 | 92 |Jeff Dement, Kingwood, TX| | |13 | 83 |Ryan D Clark, Waddell, AZ| | |14 | 56 |Jason W Thomas, Melrose, FL| | |15 | 52 |Timmy M Ferry, Largo, FL| | |16 | 49 |Joshua P Woods, Flint, MI| | |17 | 44 |Heath D Voss, Mico, TX| | |18 | 44 |Justin Buckelew, Riverisde, CA| | |19 | 43 |Jean Sebastien Roy, Acton Vale, QC, CAN| |20 | 39 |Jeff Gibson, Westerville, OH|

Stewart controlled most of the first moto until accidentally landing on Carmichael.
Too shaken by the crash, Bubba DNF the first moto and DNS the second.
Side-stepping downed riders Carmichael and Stewart, Windham went on to win the first moto.
Ernesto Fonseca has steadily remained in the top five overall.
Factory Yamaha ran the classic yellow and black graphics at Unadilla to celebrate Yamaha's 50th anniversary.
David Vuillemin "keepin' it real" with retro Yamaha graphics and gear.
Mike Alessi had a "ho-hum" day with a 6-6 finish, but he continues to advance in the points.
Matt Walker scored his first podium finish in moto 1 and finished fifth for the day.
Ivan Tedesco prepares to dive on the inside of Andrew Short.