Husqvarna 2005 ISDE Bike Rental Program - News - Dirt Rider Magazine

Husqvarna Announces 2005 ISDE Rental ProgramThe 80th Annual ISDE will be held this year (9/13/05 - 09/18/05) in the Republic of Slovakia. Husqvarna has arranged with importer Cagiva Spol (Poland) to furnish bikes and spare part service for this year's rental program.

Both 2-stroke and 4-stroke models will be available on a "first come - first serve" basis. Riders can choose from Husqvarna WR125, WR250, TE250, TE450 and TE510 enduro models. Pricing for the 2-stroke models is approx. $1,875 USD and $2,115 USD for 4-strokes, actual price will be determined by the current exchange rate at time of rental. No orders will be accepted by Cagiva Spol after August 15, 2005 so you must complete the request form as soon as possible and return it to Cagiva USA.

If you have any questions please contact Rob Keith of Husqvarna USA at 215-830-3300 or [](mailto: You can also contact CAGIVA Spol, Mrs. Irena Jeraskova by phone at ++420 2 20518379, or fax ++420 2 20518380, or e-mail [irena@cagiva-cz](mailto: irena@cagiva-cz).