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Legal Alert: San Bernadino County Proposed OrdinanceFollowing is a proposed ordinance being considered by the supervisors in San Bernardino County and will pretty much shut down all riding on private property.

A close look will reveal that a person could own a 33 acre piece of property and still not be allowed to ride on it! The ordinance wouldn't allow you to ride any OHVs within 200 yards of a fence, house or even outbuilding of another property owner. If you had a piece of property 400 yards by 400 yards that shared a common fence with others, it would total 33 acres and you couldn't ride.The ordinance also requires you to have a permission slip with you at all times if you are riding on another person's property, and if others are with you they aren't allowed to ever be more than 300 feet from you. Fines ranging from $200 up to $1000 and 90 days in jail are proposed. This is beyond absurd!Please let people know about this and urge them to voice their opinion. Contact information is included below. This is going to come up for review in early June, so it is important that comments are sent soon.

Land Use Services Department
County of San Bernadino Economic Development and Public Services Group385 North Arrowhead Avenue
San Bernardino, CA 92415-0182
Michael E. Hays
(909) 387-4141; Fax (909) 387-4288
Director 12, 2005Dear Interested Party:The County is considering the adoption of an ordinance to address impacts of off-highway motor vehicle use. Enclosed is a draft ordinance and an ordinance summary for your review. We invite your input and comments on the provisions of the ordinance. The draft ordinance will be presented and discussed at various Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) meetings and distributed to interested individuals.Please provide written comments to Land Use Services Department/Code Enforcement Division at the address above, as soon as possible so that they could be included when the ordinance is presented to the Board of Supervisors. It is anticipated that an ordinance may be considered by the Board in early June.Should you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact Randy Rogers, Code Enforcement Division Chief, at 909/387-9050.Sincerely,Michael E. Hays, AICP