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NEW PRODUCT - The Pitster Pro 125XAs the infant of the Pit Bike industry, GPX Motorsports has taken dramatic steps to prove its place in the Mini-Bike market. The Pitster Pro Idea was created in the beginning of 2005, under the close supervision of its President Gary Goodwin, and "Jimmy Honda", Lord of the Far East Pit Bikes.

Among numerous amounts of Chinese Pit Bikes, Goodwin and Jimmy set out to prove that they could do it better, and offer it for less. Working closely with testers and engineers, Goodwin brought his ideas to life. Creating a Mini-Bike with more power and stamina, than any on the market, while maintaining fast flowing lines and flawless component integration."I still cant get over how well everything goes together" - thorwarrior915Using Jialing-Honda engines, giving his bikes more power and engine life, and only premium parts, Goodwin, in only a few months has created a reputable name for GPX and Pitster Pro. And with the release of the new 125X, he expects business to boom. Offering accessories not found on any other manufactured Pit Bike."We're very impressed with the overall quality of the Pitster Pro.The 124cc engine is very strong stock and has tons of hop up potential" -T-BOLT RacingGPX is leading the market with its innovative new single style swing-arm and adjustable clamps, stock aluminum components, wave rotors, and rear shock with reservoir, at competitive prices."All in all, its a great bike" -freeboarder86The new 125X will receive worldwide recognition with its appearance in popular magazines and online forums, with showings from local tracks to national races.The new Pitster Pro 125X, with its fast look and even faster engine, will show riders that with GPX you will, Ride the Best, and Roost the Rest!For information:
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