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The Collection Announces Sponsorship with Yamaha MotorsportsThe Collection announces the signing of another corporate team sponsorship with Yamaha Motor Corporation that will include a year-long cross-promotional campaign.

Yamaha, the leading distributor in motorsports products, will provide support and product to The Collection for the 2005-2006 season. The Collection partnership will give Yamaha another avenue to further align themselves in winter sports and the timing of this relationship is particularly beneficial given that it's an Olympic year in which most of The Collection riders will be competing in the 2006 Winter Games.

"The support of Yamaha is a great addition to our team and for the winter sports movement overall," said Powers. "We have and continue to use their products for off-snow cross-training and back-country access and it's been very beneficial to us in our preparation for competition.""The Collection" is a union of visionary snowboarders—Ross Powers, Andy Finch, Kelly Clark, Gretchen Bleiler and Luke Mitrani - established to create a cohesive, defined platform that supports current and future leaders in the sport. The concept is extremely similar to the team model found in Supercross, a sport that Yamaha is a major supporter."Yamaha is real excited to be associated with each member of The Collection, and whether it's Snowmobiles, Motorcycles, or ATV's, each one of the Yamaha sports product is a perfect fit for the action sports enthusiast," said Bob Starr, Corporate Communications Manager for Yamaha Motor Sports Group."This is great news for the team and I am super stoked to be joining up with Yamaha," said Finch. "After testing their new Apex Mountain 4 stroke sled, I'll never be able to ride another sled and be satisfied. Yamaha has really taken snowmobiles to the next level and I am pumped that The Collection can be a part of it.""We are excited to partner with the The Collection, the premier snowboard team in the industry," added Rob Powers, Yamaha's Snowmobile Marketing Manager. "Backcountry snowboarding is increasing in popularity and snowmobiles are growing as a means to get to the killer terrain. Then they discover how awesome snowmobiling can be, especially with the new Yamaha Apex Mountain—a perfect machine to meet the snowboarders needs."The Collection is the first team of its kind in the sport of snowboarding and is supported by Snickers, Kicker Audio, Thule and Sirius Satellite Radio. The teams' US-based operations include coach Ricky Bower, a physical therapist, team manager and a custom-designed team motor home.Yamaha Motor Corp. USA is a leading distributor of motorsports products and competes in the AMA Supercross series with current National and World Champions Chad Reed & Heath Voss, among others.