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After last year's incredible feat, many wondered if Carmichael could repeat his perfect 24 for 24 performance in the 2005 AMA Motocross Championships. Although he can still possibly sweep the overall victories, Carmichael lost a moto for the first time since 2003. In the first moto of Motocross 338 in Southwick, RC was in the lead, but gave it up to Chad Reed when he fell. "I just fell down. I made a mistake, you know, I'm only human," said Carmichael, "I guess all good things must come to an end, but this is what racing is all about. Nothing lasts forever and now I've got some motivation."Chad Reed took his first moto win of the season, but had to settle for second overall after Carmichael rebounded to take a convincing victory in the second moto. "People keep asking me if I'm bummed," said Ricky, "But how can you be bummed with 30 moto wins? Chad (Reed) has been working hard now for two and a half years and he finally got me today. But I got the overall and always good."The 250 class was full of surprises, as the treacherous sands of Southwick proved the value of experience. Local New England veteran heroes John Dowd and Doug Henry both landed top five finishes at their home track. Dowd battled with Windham in moto 1 for third place, but eventually overtook K-Dub, holding third place to the finish. Dowd bested Windham again in moto 2 for a solid 3-3 finish and a spot on the overall podium. Doug Henry finished fifth overall (behind Windham) with a 6-6 for the day.Where was Bubba?For the second time this year, James Stewart mysteriously pulled off the track mid-race, saying he felt dizzy. Stewart DNF the first moto after moving up to second place from seventh, and he sat out the second moto altogether. A press release from Kawasaki reported:"In the first moto, Team Kawasaki rider James Stewart pulled off the track on lap eight due to feeling lightheaded and dizzy. Stewart was evaluated by physicians from the Asterisk Mobile Medical Care Center on-site and released. Team Kawasaki decided that it would be in Stewart's best interest not to compete in the second 250 moto and instead seek additional evaluation later in the week."
125 ClassThe Langston-Alessi battle continued, with each rider taking a moto victory in Southwick. Red Bull KTM's Mike Alessi rode out front in the first moto taking a convincing 12-second win over Langston, Brown and Tedesco. Tommy Hahn rounded out the top five.The second 125 moto proved to be more exciting. Kawasaki's Ivan Tedesco holeshot and had a comfortable lead by the end of lap two. Teammate Grant Langston moved quickly toward the front, however, and was able to overtake Tedesco when he bobbled in the deep, loamy sand. Langston held the lead for the rest of the race, despite a challenge from Mike Alessi. In an effort to overtake the lead, Alessi was a bit zealous and over-jumped a sand mogul, popping his shoulder out of place. He ended his day in the Asterisk Mobile Medical unit, but still collected 7th overall. KTM has since announced that Alessi expects to compete in the next round.Langston held on for the moto 2 victory, and his second overall of the season. "To win today really surprised me," said Langston, who now jumpes to second in the point standings, "Once I got going, adrenaline took over and I didn't think about the ankle. This was a big win in terms of my championship hopes."Ryan Hughes celebrated his first overall podium finish of the series behind fellow vet rider Mike Brown. Hughes had an eighth place finish in moto 1, followed by a second place finish in what was probably his strongest race so far this year. Hughes showed his strength and consistency as he worked his way up to second from ninth, passing riders nearly every other lap.Finishing fourth overall behind Hughes was Ivan Tedesco (4-5), followed by Honda riders Josh Grant (9-3) and Tommy Hahn (5-7).
The Motocross Series now moves on to round four, June 18-19 at Budds Creek Raceway in Budds Creek, Maryland. Catch all the AMA Motocross Championships on OLN this summer. Click here to see OLN's television broadcast schedule for the remaining Motocross rounds.250 Class Overall Results
1. Ricky Carmichael, Suzuki, (2-1)
2. Chad Reed, Yamaha (1-2)
3. John Dowd, Suzuki (3-3)
4. Kevin Windham, Honda (4-4)
5. Doug Henry, Yamaha (6-6)
6. Nick Wey, Honda (8-5)
7. Travis Preston, Honda (9-7)
8. Ernesto Fonseca, Honda (7-11)
9. Ryan Clarck, Honda (13-9)
10. Juss Laansoo, Honda (10-20)
11. Jeff Dement, Suzuki (16-8)
12. David Vuillemin, Yamaha (5-27)
13. Jason Thomas, Honda (14-15)
14. Michael Byrne, Kawasaki (33-10)
15. Scott Carter, Kawasaki (17-14)
16. Tim Ferry, Yamaha (11-24)
17. Jeff Alessi, KTM (12-31)
18. Cole Siebler, Suzuki (30-13)
19. Heath Voss, Yamaha (15-35)
20. Justin Buckelew, Honda (21-16)125 Class Overall Results
1. Grant Langston, Kawasaki (2-1)
2. Mike Brown, Honda (3-4)
3. Ryan Hughes, Honda (8-2)
4. Ivan Tedesco, Kawasaki (4-5)
5. Josh Grant, Honda (9-3)
6. Thomas Hahn, Honda (5-7)
7. Mike Alessi, KTM (1-34)
8. Matt Walker, Kawasaki (10-8)
9. Broc Hepler, Suzuki (6-12)
10. Danny Smith, Yamaha (12-10)
11. Paul Carpenter, Kawasaki (11-11)
12. Kelly Smith, Yamaha (29-6)
13. Davi Millsaps, Suzuki (19-9)
14. Jason Lawrence, Suzuki (7-28)
15. Billy Laninovich, Honda (14-15)
16. Broc Sellards, Yamaha (13-16)
17. Tim Weigand, Honda (16-14)
18. Ryan Mills, KTM (40-13)
19. Brett Metcalfe, Yamaha 125! (15-36)
20. Tony Lorusso, Suzuki (38-17)

||||| |---|---|---|---| 250 AMA Motocross Point Standings|Pos. |Pts |Rider, hometown |Wins| |1 |147 |Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL |3| |2 |118 |Chad Reed, Dade City, FL| | |3 |98 |Kevin Windham, Centreville, MS| | |4 |88 | David Vuillemin, Corona, CA| | |5 |79 |Ernesto Fonseca, Murrieta, CA| | |6 |74 |John Dowd, Ludlow, MA| | |7 |71 | Travis Preston, Hesperia, CA| | |8 |67 |Michael Byrne, Murrieta, CA| | |9 |59 |James Stewart, Haines City, FL| | |10 | 57 | Juss Laansoo, Chatsworth, CA| | |11 | 51 | Jeff Dement, Kingwood, TX| | |12 |44 |Heath D Voss, Mico, TX| | |13 |43 |Jean Sebastien Roy, QC, CAN| | |14 |37 |Timmy M Ferry, Largo, FL| | |15 |31 |Ryan D Clark, Waddell, AZ| | |16 |30 |Doug A Henry, Torrington, CT| | |17 |29 |Nicholas Wey, Dewitt, MI| | |18 |27 |Jason W Thomas, Melrose, FL| | |19 |24 |Joshua P Woods, Flint, MI| | |20 |17 |Jeff Gibson, Westerville, OH|

||||| |---|---|---|---| 125 AMA Motocross Point Standings|Pos. |Pts |Rider, hometown |Wins| |1 |119 |Mike Brown, Johnson City, TN | | |2 |94 |Grant Langston, Murrieta, CA |2| |3 |93 |Ivan Tedesco, Murrieta, CA | | |4 |93 |Mike Alessi, Apple Valley, CA |1| |5 |86 |Broc Hepler, Kittanning, PA | | |6 |82 |Ryan Hughes, Temecula, CA | | |7 |82 |Josh Grant, Riverisde, CA | | |8 |65 |Davi Millsaps, Cairo, GA | | |9 |59 |Danny Smith, Middleton, ID | | |10 | 57 |Paul Carpenter, Ithaca, NY | | |11 | 55 |Matt Walker, McDonough, GA | | |12 | 52 |Andrew Short, Murrieta, CA | | |13 | 52 |Kelly Smith, Ludington, MI | | |14 | 40 |Billy Laninovich, Lake Elsinore, CA | | | 15 | 36 |Thomas Hahn, Belpre, KS | | |16 | 35 |Ryan Mills, Clintondale, NY | | |17 | 33 |Nathan Ramsey, Menifee, CA | | |18 | 26 |Akira Narita, Corona, CA | | |19 | 24 |Brock Sellards, Sherrodsville, OH | | |20 | 19 |Ryan Sipes, Vine Grove, KY |

Windham and Dowd battle for the holeshot in the second 250 moto.
Carmichael's fall in moto one let both Reed and Stewart by.
RC chases down Reed in the second moto; look at all that beautiful roost...
Ryno showed his strength and experience when he took second place in moto 2.
Tedesco (30) grabs the holeshot in moto 2 followed by Langston (8) and Hahn (66).
Mike Alessi rails a turn, somewhere between digging and dumping.