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Superhunky.com: Rick Sieman's New Vintage Dirt Bike WebsiteAs if you didn't have enough stuff stored in your computer, here's one more thing you might want to put in there. For all you folks who live in the past a bit, here's a web site that tells it like it was.

Log on to www.superhunky.com for the official site of Rick Sieman and take a trip into the past. You'll find all kinds of stuff you might want, including vintage bike posters, special CD sets with all of the columns (35 years worth) and a bunch of cool old photos, special offers on vintage magazines, historical Barstow to Vegas maps and even the famed Monkey Butt book. Yep, 640 pages of dirt bike history and lots of laughs in the process.If you just want to read things, there are dozens of classic articles by Rick, including many of the favorites like the gas tech piece, or the magazine shootout, or even the Ten Worst Bikes Of All Time. Want to ride in Baja? The Trail Tips For Baja is there. If you're an old fart, chances are the Vintage Tips will suit your fancy, or perhaps you always wondered what killed Maico? The stories are all there ... and more.So take a trip into the memories and remember.It's www.superhunky.com for all your dirt biking needs. Sorta.