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National Enduro Series: Lafferty Rebounds to Win Round FiveKTM's Mike Lafferty scored his third win of the series at the fifth round of the National Enduro Series in the rolling hills of Missouri just four weeks after breaking his collar bone at the GNCC in South Carolina.

Thunder storms came rolling through Saturday night making what was going to be a dusty rock-race in to a very slippery rock-race. Lafferty didn't seem to mind jumping out to an early lead, beating every one by at least one minute at the end of the first 19-mile loop.

Most of the front runners stayed close in the next 27-mile loop, loosing 9 or 10 points.Lafferty again turned it up in the third loop, (the 19-miler from the morning run at a faster speed average) posting a 1 and 2 at the two checks in that section. Russell was next with a 2, 3, Hatch at a 3, 3 and Hawkins with a 3, 4.The second loop would be run again to finish out the event, a 27-miler separated into two sections. Most of the leaders checked out with fours in the first part of the loop, but Hatch turned it up and was the only one to finish with a 3 in the last section while Lafferty and Hawkins slipped to a 4.Rnd. #5, 2005 National Enduro Series
Park Hills MO. 5/22/05
1. Mike Lafferty KTM 21
2. Steve Hatch KAW 24
3. Matt Stavish HON 25
4. Randy Hawkins YAM 28
5. Billy Russell KTM 28
6. Fred Hoess GG 30
7. Blair Bersano YAM 31
8. Tim Taber KTM 32
9. Russell Bobbitt KTM 34
10. Rich Lafferty KTM 36