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Lange Wins Second Consecutive National Arenacross Series ChampionshipThe 2004-2005 National Arenacross Season saw Kawasaki's Darcy Lange win his second career National Arenacross Series championship. This year the Canadian stages his third championship season.

In 2004-2005, the competition was the strongest the sport has ever seen. New-comer Branden Jesseman, of Team Suzuki, was a heavy favorite coming into the season. Joining Jesseman were his teammates Justin Brayton and Tommy Hofmaster, who both have several years of arenacross experience under their belts.

Newly formed Team FBC Honda put together by five-time National Arenacross Series Champion Buddy Antunez also posed a threat to the circuit. Brad Hagseth and Shane Bess were under Antunez's tent. Lange also had to worry about his Kawasaki teammates Jeff Northrop, Evan Laughridge, and Shawn Clark.Lange won three of four main events at the season opener in Des Moines, Iowa. While Jesseman kept Lange from the clean sweep by winning the 250cc main on Saturday night, Lange made a statement to the field.During practice at Des Moines, Hofmaster, who is a two-time series runner-up, crashed and watched the rest of the season from the sidelines. Brayton and Hagseth tangled in Saturday's 250cc main event, leaving Brayton on the sidelines with Hofmaster. Hagseth rode the rest of the season injured.Lange continued his dominance, taking three of four main events in Albany, N.Y. Lange's only loss came at the hand of his teammate, Evan Laughridge, in the 125cc main event on Friday night.Starting with the Saturday arenacross in Worcester, Mass., Lange won 10 consecutive main events. Halfway through the season, Lange had won 16 of 20 main events. Team Green was one victory away from sweeping the first half of the arenacross season, with 19 of 20 main event wins. Jesseman picked up a 125cc main event win at Reunion Arena on Friday night. Lange scored another win in the 250cc main event on Friday and Demuth won Saturday's 125cc main in his hometown.Lange clinched the National Arenacross Series championship in Denver. While Lange was the champion, up and comer Chad Johnson won 3 of the 4 mains that weekend. Lange became the first rider to win the Dash for Cash and the National Arenacross titles, picking up 28 of 40 main event wins.For more information on the Regional and National Arenacross Series log on to