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It's no surprise that Carmichael swept the 250 class... again. The surprise was that he had to work for it this time. After getting his feet wet at Hangtown, James Stewart has shown that he's not going to make this an easy season for Carmichael. Stewart held the lead over Carmichael for a decent part of both 250 motos, and although he wasn't able to ultimately fend off RC, he held on for second in both motos. Stewart's second overall marked his first 250 AMA motocross podium.The 125 class proved exciting, too with Mike Alessi taking his first pro 125 moto win, and first overall victory. Second place went to Davi Millsaps with a 2-3 finish. Third place and the moto two victory went to Honda's Mike Brown.250 ClassDuring moto one, Carmichael got off to a strong lead while Stewart spent the first lap fighting his way to the front of the pack. During the next four laps Stewart reeled in Carmichael and passed him on lap five. However, after tangling with Carmichael on an uphill section he went down, letting RC slip away. He went on to win the moto by over one minute. Bubba quickly recovered and remained in second followed by Windham, Reed and Vuillemin.In the second moto, Carmichael got a bad start, and ran in second behind Stewart for the first part of the race. But RC reeled him in and diced with Stewart for a few laps. The crowd went nuts, finally seeing the race everyone's been waiting for. Carmichael finally passed Stewart in mid-air just past the finish-line jump where he finally took the lead and held it. Carmichael pulled away from Stewart who held on for second place. Honda's Kevin Windham again rounded out the podium followed by Ernesto Fonseca and David Vuillemin."It's fun as hell out there," said Carmichael after taking his second victory of the season, "It was a heck of a race; it was great to get out there and battle. No if's, and's or but's, he (James Stewart) was in front of me and I caught him and I passed him. I love the challenge and I'm looking forward to some great races. That's what it's all about, and the fans love it."

Carmichael has now stretched his lead in the points to 28 points over second place: Yamaha's David Vuillemin. Chad Reed sits only one point behind his Yamaha teammate with 71 points followed by Kevin Windham (62) and Stewart (59).
125 ClassEveryone expected to see a rematch between Langston and Alessi, but Langston's ankle is still suffering from the tangle at Hangtown. He made an effort to race, but pulled off two laps into the first moto.Mike Alessi's hard luck at Hangtown might have been the best thing to happen to his career. Watching him get knocked from a dominating first place to fifteenth only feet from the finish turned him from the guy everyone loved to hate to the underdog. It seems fans (and press) are now ready to get behind Alessi. He holeshot the first moto and ran away with the lead, taking it all the way to the finish. Davi Millsaps and Andrew Short finished second and third, respectively.In the second moto, Alessi came together with another rider right off the start, nearly sending him down. He was able to recover, and still managed to get up front early in the race. A few laps later coming into the rhythm section before the finish, Brown caught and passed Alessi, and held on for the win. Alessi finished second followed by Millsaps, Josh Grant and KTM's Ryan Mills. Alessi's 1-2 finish was enough to seal his first overall win (Brown finished seventh in the first moto).
The AMA Motocross Championships now take a week off before heading to Southwick, MA for round three on June 12.250 Motocross Overall Results, High Point Raceway1. R. Carmichael, Suzuki (1-1)
2. J. Stewart, Kawasaki (2-2)
3. K. Windham, Honda (3-3)
4. E. Fonseca, Honda (7-4)
5. D. Vuillemin, Yamaha (5-5)
6. C. Reed, Yamaha (4-8)
7. M. Byrne, Kawasaki (6-7)
8. J. Roy, Honda (11-6)
9. J. Woods, Suzuki (9-9)
10. J. Dowd, Suzuki (10-11)
11. H. Voss, Yamaha (15-12)
12. J. Dement, Suzuki (13-14)
13. J. Gibson, Honda (12-17)
14. T. Ferry, Yamaha (8-38)
15. T. Preston, Honda (23-10)
16. J. Laansoo, Honda (24-13)
17. C. Stiles, Suzuki (18-16)
18. S. Hamblin, Kawasaki (16-19)
19. R. Thain, Honda (14-39)
20. J. Thomas, Honda (22-15)
21. K. Hoge, Suzuki (17-31)
22. W. Browning, Suzuki (27-18)
23. D. Lord, Honda (19-35)
24. K. Johnson, Yamaha (32-20)
25. C. Clark, Yamaha (20-25)125 Motocross Overall Results, High Point Raceway1. M. Alessi, KTM (1-2)
2. D. Millsaps, suzuki (2-3)
3. M. Brown, Honda (7-1)
4. A. Short, Honda (3-7)
5. R. Hughes, Honda (5-6)
6. R. Mills, KTM (11-5)
7. I. Tedesco, Kawasaki (8-8)
8. K. Smith, Yamaha (6-10)
9. J. Grant, Honda (18-4)
10. N. Ramsey, KTM (9-12)
11. B. Hepler, Suzuki (4-18)
12. D. Smith, Yamaha (15-11)
13. P. Carpenter, Kawasaki (12-14)
14. R. Reynard, Honda (14-13)
15. M. Walker, Kawasaki (13-16)
16. B. Laninovich, Honda (10-19)
17. R. Sipes, Suzuki (23-9)
18. T. Hahn, Honda (27-15)
19. B. Metcalfe, Yamaha (17-20)
20. A. Narita, Honda (16-23)
21. J. Summey, Honda (29-17)
22. B. Sellards, Yamaha (19-22)
23. S. Boniface, Honda (20-26)
24. T. Hibbert, Honda (25-24)
25. J. Lichtle, Suzuki (24-27)

Kevin Windham rode strong to take third overall at High Point.
Motocross fans are in for a great season...
Will this be another undefeated season for RC?
Langston was still hurting from the Hangtown crash and pulled off two laps into the first moto.
Mike Brown's win in the second moto and third for the day put him in the 125 points lead.
Davi Millsaps was happy to finish second, but is still pining for the number one spot.