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SoCal Legal Alert: Castaic MX Track Needs Our Support!Attention Southern California motocrossers! Castaic MX track needs help! They are close to opening their Action Sports Canyon, but a mis-informed (and unfortunately organized) group is opposing the park's opening.

What can you do to help? Castaic Action Sports Park owners need letters of support from enthusiasts like us. If you can write a brief letter signed by everyone in your household, you can help get this great MX/skate/BMX park opened for all of us! Below is a letter from O'Neal's Chuck Kober with more details.Hey all-The guys trying to open the Castaic MX Track (Castaic Action Sports Canyon) need our help. They need letters of support from the MX community. There is a small but organized oppostion to the track that is spreading negative mis-information, but getting support and letters against the opening of this park. If we can't get LOTS of letters and signatures in the next few weeks, the opposition will kill us at the next Land Use meeting.*If you could please take the time and write a brief letter, addressed to the Castaic Town Council, stating your support of this track opening, it will help a ton. Send the letter to me and I will print it out, or you can send it to Neil Nadler, at [nadler@skypipeline.com](mailto: nadler@skypipeline.com). Neil is the owner of the land, and the man responsible for trying to get this park open.Castaic residents are the most important letters that we need, but everyone's will help. If you know anyone that lives in Castaic or the surrounding Santa Clarita areas, please contact them to write a quick letter. This is not just a MX park, it will also have an indoor skate park, BMX track and hiking/mountain bike trails, so this park will benefit many, many people and families.Thanks,Chuck Kober
O'Neal / Azonic
Product Development Manager*The Castaic Town Council Land Use meeting has been changed from May 18th to Monday, June 6th at 6:30pm. Email Neil Nadler with any questions at [nadler@skypipeline.com](mailto: nadler@skypipeline.com).